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DATE: 31—st of January
FORM: 7—th “A”
Theme: “School rules”
Aims of the lesson:
1. To develop students’ skills of speaking, reading, writing, thinking, listening and using grammar structures correctly.
2. To give them opportunity to understand the importance of keeping/following the public rules. To understand the consequences of BAD behavior.
3.To be well behaved and to be a model for younger generation.
1. “Keeping rules in public places.”
Guiding question for students’ discussion: “Why is it important to keep/follow the public rules?”
Grammar: 1. Modal verbs of ability, prohibition, obligation, permission (CAN, COULD, SHOULD, MUST, BE ALLOWED TO, HAVE TO) –Introduction-Presentation.
2. Conditional 1 (revision-consolidation+ New Vocabulary)
3. Present Perfect (Revision-consolidation+ New Vocabulary)

Procedure of the lesson:
I .Organisation moment.
a) Greeting. b) asking about the dates, absents, etc, c)introducing the children with the aims of the lesson.
II. Checking the home work.
Nowadays people want to be strong and healthy. What do you do to be healthy? If you want to keep fit remember the rules.
3.Complete the diagramme
1. What foods is healthy for you ?
2.What foods is unhealthy for you? uu

III. New lesson to explain. ’’School rules’’
1. We are always kind ,honest , helpful and polite to others.
2. We care for and respect our school: our own, and other people’s belongings.
3.We respect ourselves, our friends and the people who look after us.

IV. Consolidation. Modal verbs: MUST, HAVE TO

1. Students must be present for all lessons every day. Students must bring a note for any change to routine, i.e. not participating in school activities, such as sport, swimming, excursions, P.E. or leaving school early.

2. All students must stay within the school grounds after arrival at school. Senior students (18 years or over) are permitted to leave the school at lunchtime if they have a card and if they report to the office on leaving and returning to the school.

3. Students must be on time to ali lessons. First lesson begins at 8.35 a.m.

4. Students must quickly obey any request by teachers, ethnic aides, or ancillary staff.

5. Students must not mark or damage school property, including books, in any way. Students will be asked to pay for any damage to school property
V. Conclusion . Exercise 3.Complete the sentences with must and mustn’t and translate them into your language.
VI. Home task Ex.7,8,9.
VII. Mark.
Скачать методички (классные уроки) для учителей по разным предметам: история, литература, физика. Как провести урок с учеником, вам поможет грамотно составленный план урока. Занятия по математике, литературе, физике, информатике, химии, психологии.