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Form 8“Б”
Lesson theme Dreams
Aim Read an article about dreams and discuss it
Objectives To practice using the vocabulary of the lesson
To develop students’ communication skills with the help of pair and group works
To develop students’ presentation skills
Learning outcomes By the end of the lesson students will have:
• practiced new vocabulary in the context
• expressed their opinions when discussing on the topic
• used strategies of critical thinking
Literature Student’s book – Messages 4
Visual aids & equipment Interactive board, CD, evaluation lists
The procedure of the lesson
Organizational moment
Good morning, guys! How are you? Sit down, please!
Divide the class into two groups.
Home assignment
Jeopardy – to check the home task
Artistic talent - the dialogues

Watch a video about a dream.
Share your ideas:
- Do you remember your dreams when you wake up?
- Do you often dream about the same things?
- Do you think ever come true?

Realization of meaning
Look at the photo and ask students to identify the man. (Abraham Lincoln)
Then look at the picture underneath and ask students to describe the scene. Background
Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) was the president of the United States during the American Civil War and legislated for the emancipation of slaves. Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809, the second child of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Lincoln (née Hanks), in a one-room log cabin on the Sinking Spring Farm in Hardin County. He is descended from Samuel Lincoln, who arrived in Hingham, Massachusetts, from Norfolk, England, in the 17th century.

- Why is the dream in the article unusual?
Answer: The dream is unusual because it came true a few weeks later.
Play the recording while students listen and read. Pause after each paragraph and help with new vocabulary (for example, properly, out of control, assassin, ancient, predict)
Ask students to read the sentences and decide if they are true or false. Remind them to correct the false ones.
1. Humans are the only living things that dream.
False. Animals and birds dream too.
2. When we’re asleep, we dream for about a quarter of the time.
3. Dreams about flying and falling aren’t unusual.
4. In the past, people didn’t use to think that dreams were important.
False. They used to think that dreams were messages from the dogs.
5. At the beginning of Lincoln’s dream, he was walking through the White house.
False. He was lying in bed.
6. While he was looking at the dead man, a lot of people came into the room.
False. The people were standing in the room when Lincoln came in.
7. Lincoln died in the White House in 1865.
False. He died in Washington theatre.
Work in groups:
1 – Dreaming – a normal part of life.
2 – Some common dreams images.
Writing guide – describing a dream. (gifted students)
Cinquain - 5 line poem
____ _____
_____ ______ _____
_____ _____ _____ _____
Home assignment
Open your diaries and write down your homework - to write about your dream.

The leader of each group comments the marks of the students.
Evaluation lists

What have you done at the lesson? Have you got any questions?
Your thoughts about the lesson: like, dislike and questions.
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