Health habits

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Материал тегін жариялап, сертификат алу

Theme Health habits
Form 9 Date 11.09.15
Aim To do sport and love and choose healthy life; Working with pictures; working out a questionnaire
Aid Make questions and answer them. Correct each other’s mistakes in pronunciation
Result Respect each other’s opinions; to know health and beauty products
Recourse English 9 form
Introduction Checking homework

Main part Present Perfect Continuous
I have been running for 3 months.
I haven’t been eating sweets a lot since last year.
Exercise 7 p17
1. I have been using … for my hair for 3 months. (hairspray) d
2. I have been cleaning my teech with … since I was a child. (colgate) a
3. I have been washing my hair with … 2 months. (champoo) b
4. I have been using … since 2003. (body lotion) c
Conclusion Reading. Exercise 9 p18
Mark Formative
Reflex Speak own opinion
Homework Exercise 10 p19

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