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Abai. A great Kazakh poet -

Abai. A great Kazakh poet

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Abai. A great Kazakh poet
The aims of the lesson: -to enlarge pupils’ knowledge in Literature -to educate the respect and interest in Abai’s compositions -to develop pupil’ abilities in reciting -to develop memory and attention
Interaction: Literature, History
The visual aids: slides, pictures, an interactive borad
The plan of the lesson.
I. Opening ceremony
II. Warm-up. Doing crosswords
III. Some facts from Abai’s biography
IV. Reciters’ competition
V. Game “Polyglot”
VI. Read and say their equivalents.
VII. Conclusion
Teacher: Good bye, children. Today we have an unusual lesson. Our lesson is dedicated to the greatest poet in the world literature Abai Kunanbayev. I hope all of you will take part in it.
The great Kazakh poet was born in 1845 into the nomadic clan of Tobykty in the Chinghis Mountains in East Kazakhstan Region. His real name was Ibraghim. His father Kunanbai was a stern and willful steppe ruler, was an elder of the Tobykty clan. He had four wives. Abai’s mother Ulzhan was a wonderful woman. Ulzhan loved him best of all her children and affectionately called him abai, wich means “thoughtful, circumspect”, instead of Ibraghim – the name given the boy his father. And Abai he remained for the rest of his life.As you know Abai is the great poet, he is a composer, philosoph, translator, and thinker. Let’s listen to our speakers.
P1: First, we want to check your English. Let’s do some crosswords. P2: We say the words in Kazakh and you will give the English equivalents of them. Listen to me please. The first word is «белсенді»(әдемілік, жұлдыз, кинотеатр).
A c t i v e
B e a u t y
s t A r
c I n e m a

P1: Well done! Your English is good ! New look at the crosswords, and read the main word which we have taken.
Children: Abai
P1: Abai is the great poet. He began writing poetry while still at the madrasah . he was able to cite poems and akyns whose aitysses he always made a point of attending. The opening lines of his poem dedicated to Togzhan, the girl he loved.
P2: Abai is a translator. He translated some of Goethe’s and Byron’s poetry into Kazakh from Lermontov’s Russian translations. Abai’s translations were a considerable contribution to the development of Kazakh literature. He loved Pushkin, Lermontov, Krylov, Saltykov-Shchedrin and Tolstoi. Then the started translating Krylov, Pushkin and Lermontov into Kazakh.
P3: Abai is a composer . having excellent knowledge and understanding of Kazakh folk music, Abai composed several melodies for those of his verses: akyns, composers and singers came from all over Kazakhstan to see him and learn from him. Abai composed about 20 melodies. His melodies greatly differed from the traditional folk music both in style and content. Abai’s songs are “Желсіз түнде жарық ай”, “Сегіз аяқ” and so on.
Teacher: You should find the missing word and say it in Kazakh, in Russian, and in English. Game: “Polygot”
1. Жасымда ... ... бар деп ескермедім,
Пайдасын көре тұра тексермедім.
Ержеткен соң түспеді уысыма
... ... мезгілінен кеш сермедім.
(ғылым-наука-science), (қол-рука-hand)
2. Ғылым таппай мақтанба,
... ... таппай баптанба.
3. Шоқпардай кекілі бар қамыс ... ...
Қой мойынды, қоян жақ бөкен қабақ,
Теке ... ..., салпы ... ..., ұзын ... ...,
Қабырғалы, жотасы болса күшті.
(құлақ-ухо-ear), (мұрын-нос-nose), (ерін-губы-lips), (тіс-зубы-tooth)
4. Сұр ... ... түсіп суық қаптайды аспан
Күз болып ... ...тұман жерді басқан
(бұлт-облако-cloud), (дымқыл-влажный-wet)
Teacher: How well do you know Abai’s poems?
Read and say their equivalents.
1. “Broad-shouldered, white-coated, powdered with snow.
Blind and dumb with a great big silvery beard..”. (Қыс)
2. “The clouds are grey and gloomy boding rain,
An autumn mist envelops the bare earth …” (Күз)
3. “Not for amusement do I write my verse,
Nor do I stuff it full of silly words
It’s for the young I write, for those
Whose hearing is acute, whose senses are alert.” (Мен жазбаймын өлеңді ермек үшін...)
4. “The first snow falls, the blood-sport calls
Then hunters mount and ride.
The eagle’s master knows the place…” (Қансонарда бүркітші шығапды аңға...)

Who is Abai?

i. op
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