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Abai, a  great  kazakh  poet -

Abai, a great kazakh poet

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Abai, a great kazakh poet
(open lesson)
The aims: to introduce with the life of Abai, to develop speaking abilities, to bring up the feelings of love, friendship, the truth;
To summarize knowledge about Abai, through the integration of historic, literary,art aspects;
Equipment: posters, picture of Abai, interactive board, tables;
Plan of the lesson:
I. Organizational moment
II. Work with posters
III. Vocabulary work
IV. Show of the slides about Abai
V. Work with the text “Abai Kunanbayev”
VI. Home task. Marking

Procedure of the lesson:
I. Org. moment
II. Work with posters
Who was Abai? What was Abai Kunanbayev famous for?

Abai philosopher



III. Work with vocabulary
• World [wә:ld] - әлем, жер, дүние, өмір
Meanings of the word “world”
1. People’s world, animal world, vegetable world-әлем
2. The Sun is the center of our world- орта (центр)
3. English is a world language –әлем, дүние жүзі
4. My sister came to this world on the first of May- өмір
5. We know four corners of the world-бөлік
• Settlement [setlment]- қоныс, елді мекен
• Masterpiece[m stәpi:s]-үлгілі шығарма, шедевр
• Strict [strict]- қатал
IV. Shows of the slides about Abai
1st slide Abai was a progressionist.
Abai was a voice for the progressive ideas of his time and aided considerably in the uniting of the Kazakh nation to the more advanced Russian revolutionary -democratic culture. In his creative work, bora of the nations poetry, he powerfully reflected the thoughts and aspirations of the people as well as their protest against aggressors and cruel, sluggish ancient customs.
2nd slide Abai was a poet
He made a great contribution to Kazakh poetry. Deeply assimilating the nation’s ancient tradition, the akin and epic repertoire, and Russian classical poetry. Abai developed, enriched and renewed Kazakh poetic language.
The great Abai spent the last twenty years of his life in intense creative effort. Various poems , the moral philosophical work “Words of Edification”, a multitude of verses, and nearly fifty songs written by him achieved popularity already during the poet’s life.
3rd slide Abai was a composer
Not only a great poet , he became part of historic Kazakh culture asa great folk composer, he was the author of songs were the latest word in Kazakh music. Like his poems, they expressed a new system of thinking and feeling. Abai’s songs were influenced by Russian folk songs and romances of life in the city, and, at the same time, they subtly expressed his poetical achievements. His musical works had a powerful influence on Soviet-Kazakh music His songs are at the base of many works for symphony orchestra, folk instrument orchestras, and other instrumental ensembles.
4th slide Abai was a translator
Abai introduced Kazak readers and listeners to Russian poetry, translating fables of I. Krylov and poems of M. Lermontov and A. Pushkin for them. Many translations were set to music and became favorite songs. A special place in yhe creative works of Abai is occupied by his translation of the romance in poetry, Eugeny Onegin. Abai translated eight sections from the novel, some of which he set to music. (“A letter to Tatyana”, “The answer of Onegin”).
5th slide His songs
Aittim salem, Kalamkas
Greeting to you , Kalamkas!
All I have I give up for you,
Longing for you, dreaming of you,
Warm tears come to my eyes.
No one born is better than you.
On this earth none surpasses you.
Only with you my deep feelings
I can share, Kalamkas!

Karangy tunde tau kalgip
In the dark night the mountains lie half awake
Then the mountains go peacefully to sleep.
The steppe-so tired; the night presses from above.
The steppe -so tired; the night presses from above.
Tatyana sozi
You were intended by God to be my husband.
Now you can never become my spouse.
At that time I was a child
Don’t be sorry you promised.

V. Work with the text “Abai Kunanbayev”
a) Read the text
b) Find new words
c) Translate
d) Answer the questions
VI. Home task Retelling about Abai Kunanbayev
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