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Biggest and best -

Biggest and best

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Абдиразакова Салтанат Алипбековна,
№119 жалпы орта мектебінің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі
ОҚО, Мақтарал ауданы, Жетісай қаласы
The theme: Biggest and best

Aims: a.) to explain the formation and use of comparative and superlative degrees of adjectives,
to teach the pupils to describe people and places using degrees of comparison of
b.) to develop pupil’s abilities to work in pairs, to develop writing, listening, oral speech
skills and grammar.
c.) to bring up love and respect to the native language and foreign language.
The visual aids of the lesson: active board, posters.
The plan of the lesson: I. warm up
II. checking up the home task
III. presentation
IV. practice
V. production
I. Warm up.
a.) Organization
- Good afternoon, pupils!
- How are you?
- Who’s on duty today?
- Who’s absent?
- What date is it today?
- What day is it today?
b.) Let’s repeat after me…
Good, better, best.
Never, never, rest.
Till your good is better
And your better best.
II. Checking up the home task.
T: Let me check up your home task. – What was your home task?
P: To compare the life in the city and country, make up sentences.
T: Look at the board and answer the questions:
- Where can you usually buy clothes and food?
- What shops do you know?
- How many shops are there in your village?
- Do you have any shops near your house?
- Do you prefer supermarkets or small shops?
III. Presentation.
Now pupils our new theme of the lesson biggest and best.
T: We say “ green, big, long, round, beautiful, small….” What part of speech are all these words?
P: They are adjectives.
T: You are right. Adjectives are the main words in our today’s lesson. Today we have an unusual lesson because there are a lot of guests. I would like you to be more attentive, more active. The topic of our lesson is “ Biggest and best”. Please, open your copybooks and write down the date.
T: Pupils, today we have another guest. Do you know him? What is his name?
P: His name is M. Adjective.
T: M. Adjective lives in the country which is called “English Grammar.” He is responsible for all adjectives in the English language and he comes to our lessons to help you with your grammar.
IV. Practice.
a.) He has box. There’re cards with different adjectives in the box. Complete the chart.
Positive Comparative Superlative
More dangerous
The best

b.) Listen and read.
Little Lion: Who am I?
Mother Lion: You’re the most beautiful of all the animals.
Owl: Hello! Who are you?
Little Lion: Hello! I’m the strongest, the fastest, the cleverest, the best and the most beautiful of all the animals.
Owl: Never say that you’re the strongest, the fastest, the best and the most beautiful of all the animals. There are animals which are stronger, faster, better and more beautiful than you.
Little Lion: Thank you, M. Owl. And you are the cleverest of all.

c.) Talk to your partner.
- Do you think the little Lion is right?
- Which animal do you think is the strongest, fastest, most beautiful, best, biggest?
- Why?

d.) Work in pairs.
Pupil A. Look at the information below about four people. Ask your partner for the missing information.
Pupil B. Look at the information at page 172.

Robert John Sam Peter
Age 28 32 24 41
Height 1 m 84 1 m 50 1 m 60 1 m 76
Weight 84 kg 60kg 102kg 78kg

Example: How tall is John?
e.) Grammar work. Ex: 8. Read and write the words.
a. [ hil]________________________
b. [skai]________________________
c. [Өik]________________________
d. [tai]_________________________
e. [krai]________________________
f. [Өin]________________________

V. Production.
T: Now you are to put the pairs in some particular order to have lines that end with the same letters. Glue the adjectives to the papers, put “and” between each pairs. Your rhymes are ready.
Pupil A: High and low Pupil B: Young and old
Happy and sad Big and small
Good and bad Short and tall
Fast and slow Hot and cold
T: We have done a lot of different activities today. Do you like the lesson? Which activity do you like best? Which task is the most difficult for you? …… OK. The tasks are not very difficult for you because you are good and clever pupils. Today you get only good and excellent marks. Put down your home task. ( Read the text. Ex: 4. Pg.74.)
Now say “ Thank you” to M. Adjective for help. “ Good-bye” to our dear guests. Thank you for the lesson. See you soon.
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