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Children in sport -

Children in sport

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Children in sport
Aims: to introduce the students with different kinds of sports in Great Britain and Kazakhstan. To develop students’ habits in speaking, retelling and translating. To bring up students to keep fit and to take care of their health, to explain the meaning of the proverb “Health is above wealth”.
Equipments: pictures with different kinds of sports, a ball, posters, cards.
I. Organization moment.
Greeting, asking the date, day and about the weather.Making up the language atmosphere.
II. Checking home task.
III. Warm up.
IV. Presentation of the new material.
T: Today’s our new theme is “Children in sport”. It means that today we will speak about different kind of sports, about the role of them in our life. And we will speak about sport in Britain comparing it with our republic Kazakhstan.
You have been divided into two groups. The form of our lesson is competition. Today you will compete with each other doing the tasks I’ll offer.
At first I want to introduce you with the stages of our lesson. Our competition consists of six rounds. They are:
1. Greeting
2. Blitz
3. The best answer
4. Captain’s contest
5. The best listener
6. The stars
1) At first you should choose the captains and introduce your teams.
The first team is “Boxers”, the second team is “Soccer Players”.
Boxers: Boxing is a real sport
Which makes a man to be best of all.
And today that truthful fact
We are going to prove for all.
Soccer Players: Ole, Ole, Ole, the soccer players will play
We’ll do our best to win.
The ball is our talisman.
2) The second round is “Blitz”
You will be given a minute to answer the questions. The questions are based on the themes we studied.
For the Boxers
1. What is the capital of Australia?
2. What is Wednesday?
3. What is English for «ұлттық»?
4. Who is the Prime Minister of Great Britain?
5. Complete the proverb “east or west……….”
6. What is the national sport in Great Britain?
7. What is the shortest month?
8. How many stripes are there in the flag of the USA?
For the Soccer Players
1. What is the capital of Great Britain?
2. What is English for “жүлдегер”?
3. What is Saturday?
4. Who is the former president of the USA?
5. When did the Winter Olympic games start? Where?
6. Complete the proverb “He laughs best ………..”
7. What type of Kazakh traditional games do you know?
8. What is “kyzkuu”?
3) The third tour is “The best answer”

You will be offered two different texts for reading. After reading you have to answer the questions. The more correct answers you have, the bigger score you will have.
Nowadays sports and activities are fashionable in Europe and America. Everybody wants to be fit, fill good, look slim, stay young. Sport helps us to be in good spirits.
Sport plays an important role in the life of the English people. All sports are very popular among them. The national British sports are: football(soccer) and rugby.
Englishmen like all kind of racing. Horse racing, motor car racing, dog racing, donkey racing are very popular.
In the USA such sports as hockey, soccer, weightlifting, track and field, tennis, rowing, wrestling, basketball, volleyball, boxing, figure skating, skiing, swimming, judo, shooting are very popular.
1. Why sports and activities are fashionable nowadays?
2. What does everybody want to do?
3. What are the national British sports?
4. What is the most popular sport in Great Britain?
5. What kinds of sports are very popular in the USA?
6. What types of football do you know?
4) The fourth round is “The captain’s contest”. The captains work with posters.
The first team draw pictures on the theme “British national sports and games”, the second team draw about “Kazakh national sports and games”. The captains will describe the posters.
5) The fifth round is “The best listener”.in this round the students will be listened two different kinds of the texts. They will discuss the meaning of the text according to the Blum taxonomy and make up dialogues.
6) The sixth round is “The stars”.
1. The sportsman lives in Kazakhstan. He is a couch now. In 2000 he won gold in the Olympic games.
-Who is he?
-What does of sport does he go in for?
-Where was the Olympic games held?
2. This is a young champion. He won gold in Olympic Games in 2000. Unfortunately when he was 20 he died in the car accident.
-What was the name of this sportsman?
-What sport did he go in for?
-Where was the Olympic Game held?
So the students will count their scores according to their answers themselves and they will be given their marks.
In conclusion the students will be given semantic card. And they will complete it.
Names of Sports and games British sport and game Kazakh sports and game

Complete Venn diagram

The teacher gives the pupils marks for all tasks.
Home task is to find more information about sport.
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