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Countable and uncountable noun -

Countable and uncountable noun

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Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan
School by Komsomol

The theme: Countable and Uncoutable noun

Таганбаева Сабира Алкеновна


The theme: Countable and uncountable noun
The aims: to speak about fruits and drinks
Development: To explain pupils the difference between countable and uncountable nouns.
Educational: To develop pupils’ speaking, reading, listening habits.
Upbringing: to bring up pupils interested in natural phenomena.
The visual aids: interactive blackboard, books, pictures

Procedure of the lesson
I Organization moment.
a) Greeting
T: Good morning, boys and girls! I am glad to see you! Sit down, please!
b) Listening to duty’s report
- Who is on duty today?
- What date is it today?
- What day is it today?
- Who is absent today?
-Thank you. Sit down, please!
While checking your hometask, let's do warm up activities
Write down as many different animals on your cards as you can
Which ones....
can swim
have fur
have four legs
eat meat
are dangerous
c) Checking up homework

II Presentation.
T: The topic of our lesson today is «Countable and uncountable noun.
Countable nouns are nouns which we can count.
For example: a book, a cup, an apple
Uncountable nouns are nouns which we can’t count and used only in singular.
For example: milk, water, money.
P1: -----
P2: -----

T: Today we’ll repeat some new words, do grammar tasks and speak about the nouns.

1. Brainstorming
Look at the picture. What is it? O'k it is a pizza. Do you like pizza?
What kind of ingredients do we have? Do we need a tomatoes on a pizza?
Your task will be draw picture of pizza, and ingredients on it.

2. Work with new words.
T: Now I’ll introduce you new words of our theme for today. Open your vocabulary books and write them down.
steak-бір кесек ет
chicken breasts- тауық төсі
red chilli peppers- қызыл бұрыш
livers- бауыр
prawn- креветка
3. Vocal exercise. T: I would like you to show a competition between Alfie and Oliver. Your task will be divide ingredient into to countable and uncountable noun. Now listen to conversation carefully.
4.Phisical training
Now, come to the blackboard, let's sing a song all together.
Now, pupils write on your copybooks, exercise 5. You should arrange these nouns into the lists. first group will write fruits, and second group should write vegetables.
Fruits Vegetables
apples tomatoes
bananas carrots
5. Lead in
- Raise your hands when you hear the word about the countable noun: table, pen, bottles, dollars, eggs, knife, bowls
- Clap your hands when you hear the uncountable noun: air, sugar, ham, water, tea, information, rice
I need two studens in each group, your task will be for answering the question make up a sunflower. Complete the sentences with much or many.
1. We need...... oranges to make orange juice.
2. I don't drink ....... much milk- one litre a day.
III. Conclusion.

T: I see that you know the words on topic countable and uncountable noun. you can know difference between countable and uncoutable noun. I will give you stickers of three colour, If you understand today's lesson exellent put red one, If you understand put red stickers, If you don't understand put green one. I was pleased with your work today. Listen to your marks. The lesson is over. Thank you.
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