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Dinosaurs were big and fast -

Dinosaurs were big and fast

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Grade 3
1. Theme of the lesson : “Dinosaurs were big and fast”
2. The aims of the lesson:
1. Educational: to teach pupils to use ‘there was| there were’ to speak about the past time actions;
2. Developing: to develop pupils’ speaking and pronunciation skills;
3. Upbringing:to bring up pupils to evaluate each other and self-evaluation
3. Predicted results: To be able to speak about dinosaurs using ‘there was| there were’ in the past tense.
4.The type of the lesson: a new lesson
5.Teaching resources, technical and visual aids: Primary colours 3(Pupils’ book and Activity book), presentation, cards, smiles, pictures, CD disc, CD player, an action song.
6. Methods and forms of organization of the teaching process: group work, individual work, pair work, ICT, critical thinking.

The procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment
-Good morning, pupils!
-How are you?
-Today we are going to have an unusual lesson. So be active and enjoy the lesson!
We are divided into three groups. I’ll give you smiles for each correct answer.
-Now look at the first slide. Your task is to find the words in the boxes.
1. Dinosaur
2. Brontosaur
3. Dryosaur.
-Great! Clever of you!
II. Checking homework
-Now I’ll give you pictures of dinosaurs. You should find the names of dinosaurs and write about them. In groups write facts about them on the posters. You have 3 minutes.
-Tell about the dinosaurs on the pictures. Tell the facts.
III. Preparation for the new lesson
-Listen and read the song “Dinosaurs were big and fast” and find the translations of the following words.
1. жылдам-fast
2. өткір-sharp
3. мықты-strong
4. үлкен-big
5. тістер-teeth
6. аяқтар-feet
IV. Introducing the new theme
 There _____ ten birds.
 There _____ a tree.
“Were” –plural form
“Was”- singular
V. Working on new grammar topic
1. Exercise 2, page 12
1. There _____ _______ fish.
2. There _____ _______dinosaurs.
3. There _____ _______ lakes.
4. There _____ _______ rivers.
5. There _____ _______ mountains.
6. There _____ _______ trees.
3. Exercise 3
Why there no dinosaurs today? Match the pictures with the reasons.

Time to relax. Action song with music

-Look at the next slide and find strange animal.
-Yes you are right! Mammoths!
-Now I’ll give you facts about mammoths and in groups you’ll read and tell the class about them.
The Mammoths lived on the Earth four million to ten thousand years ago. They were dark-brown colour.
The Mammoths were very big. The small Mammoth was two metres tall. The big Mammoth was three metres tall.
The Mammoths lived in Ice Age. The small tusks were 2 metres long. The big tasks were five metres long.

-Now tell the class about them.
VI. Homework
 Exercise 3 on page 17 Activity Book
 To learn by heart the key words.

VII. Evaluation
-Count your smiles and I’ll evaluate you.

Reflective thinking
Look at the slide. Did you smile today?
-Yes, we did.
-Now look at the smiles and do what you see. Show OK. Have you got good mood at the end of the lesson.
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