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Ecology сабақ жоспары -

Ecology сабақ жоспары

Сабақ жоспары | Документы | Қосымша сабақ жоспары Загрузок: 0 | Просмотров: 1934 | Размер: | Автор: Публикатор

ПОСМОТРЕТЬ ВИДЕО-УРОК Ecology сабақ жоспары

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Омарова Айман Болатбековна,
№ 1 Григорий Орджоникидзе атындағы мектеп-гимназия коммуналдық мемлекеттік мекемесі ағылшың тілі пәнінің мұғалімі
Жамбыл облысы, Жуалы ауданы
The theme: Ecology

The aims:
- To find some more information about the ecological problems yourself
- To develop oral speech
The type of the lesson: сombined
The methods: part search method
Visual aids: video, electronic textbook, active board.
Lesson Procedure:
I. Organization of the lesson. Greeting with pupils and guests.
Today we will have our lesson in the form of Internet cafes.

II. Checking home task.
The first stage of the lesson checks homework. Every one of you got
homework individually by e-mail. You were given the task to watch the
latest news on TV and talk about them in English.
In memory of those killed in the air disaster is declared a moment of
In memory of the dead in the air crash is declared a moment of silence.

III. New lesson.
1. View the video

Экологические проблемы Земли. mp4
Why do you think I showed you this video?
Yes you are right. The theme of our lesson today is ecology.
Environmental issues have always troubled humanity. Today we will
Learn about the ecology and environment issues in Kazakhstan.
2. Work with questions
-What do you know about the ecology?
-What environmental problems in Kazakhstan do you know?
-What the world’s environmental problems are known to you?
-In your opinion affect whether environmental problems of the
weather? And how?
3. Work with electronic textbook.
-Pre-reading activities. Look at the text and find unknown words.
And using the internet translator translates them into Russian and
Kazakh languages.
-Revealed- показал
-unforeseen effect –непредвиденные последствия
-led- привело
-vital- жизненный
-Reading activities. Listen and read the text.

Ecology in Kazakhstan.
Man is a part of nature. This is why his attitude to nature underlies his attitude to
Looking around you-what do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? If
You live in a city, you probably see many people. You hear the noise of traffic, and
you smell the pollution from cars and factories.
Pollution spoil our environment in many ways.
Our experience of using nature revealed many “unforeseen effects”. For
example, large scale irrigation schemes in Central Asia, greatly increased cotton
output. But these irrigation system led to salinization and waterlogging of old
irrigated lands and enormous expenditures on salinity control and drainage.
The technologically backward watering methods led to an excessive water intake
from the Amudarya and Syrdarya rivers. We faced with many ecological catastrophes both at home and abroad. The tragedy of the Aral Sea and Rhine, the problem of Lake Baikal, the Chernobyl accident.
No fine could compensate for the damage inflicted on the natural environment. It is vital to preserve the water, the soil and all species of living beings.
The main task is to preserve and to continue life on Earth. There is no more time to reflect. It is time to act.
- Post-reading activities.
a) Task-1

You are in England. Your friend Paul studies for an
ecologist. He is writing summary about ecological situation
in other countries. Give him as much information as you
can. .

IV. Consolidation of the lesson. For more information about the ecology let’s work on internet.
1. 1-ecology of Aral Sea.
2. 2-video and comments about ecology.
3. 3-ecology of region.
4. 4-5-Now two students will develop address to humanity on “Protect the Earth”.
5. 6-7-And two other students prepare conclusion lesson.
6. 8-9-Situation.
V. Conclusion.
Aғылшын тілі пәнінен «Экология» тақырыбында өткен ашық сабақ қорытынсы бойынша
Үндеу. Обащение. Address.
Құрметті адамзат!
Жер-Ана, Табиғат-Ана-біздің ортақ үйиміз. Біз Жер атты жасыл әлемнің тұрғындарымыз. Жер біздің сүйіп қорғауға тиісті асыл мекеніміз. Алайда, Жер Анамызға қазір кауіп төніп тұр. Жануарлар саны азайып, ормандар құрып, өзен мен мұхиттар тартылып жатыр. Бұның барлығына да адамзат баласы себепші болып отыр. Сондықтаң, біз барша адамдарға үндеу айтамыз.
Орман ағаштарын кеспеңіздер, айналаны ластамаңыздар, табиғи суды таза ұстайық.
Табиғатты аялап, оның жаңарып, таза болуына өз үлесімізді қосайық! Табиғатты сүйіп, оны аялай білейік!

Дорогой человек!

Мы дети большой и зеленой планеты под названием Земля. Земля-наш общий дом. Дом, в котором мы живем. Дом, который мы должны беречь и любить. Но сегодня Земля находится в опасности. Исчезают животные, гибнут леса, высыхают реки и моря. И в этом виноваты мы, люди. Поэтому мы обращаемся ко всем людям.
Не рубите леса! Не засоряйте природу! Не загрязняйте воду! Природа нам этого не простит!
Любите ее и лелейте! Берегите природу!

Dear human!
We are children of a large and green planet called Earth. Earth-our common home. The house in which we live. The house that we should cherish and love. But today, the Earth is in danger. Endangered animals are dying forest, rivers and seas.
Therefore, we appeal to all people.
Do not cut the forest! Do not abuse the nature! Nature will not forgive us!
Love her and cherish! Protect the environment!

11 «Б» сынып оқушылары.
Your marks with my comments today, I will send by e- mail for your parents. You have to show your parents mark. Your homework for the next lesson, open the e-mail.
Thank you for attention and Preparation to leeson.
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