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Материал тегін жариялап, сертификат алу

Мақсаты: Бау-бақша өсіру, онымен айналысу өте маңызды екенін түсіндіру. Бақшалардың түрлерімен таныстыру, жаңа сөздермен таныстыру, оларды сөйлемде қолдану. Англиядағы бау-бақшалар туралы әңгіме қозғап, Қазақстанның бау-бақшаларымен салыстыра білу. Оқушылардың тіл байлығын кеңейту.
Тәрбиелік мақсаты: Оқушыларды табиғатты аялап өсіруге баулу, қоршаған ортаны таза ұстауға тәрбиелеу.
Әдісі: Сын тұрғысынан ойлау.
Көрнекілік: Карточкалар, сызбалар, тематикалық суреттер, оқушылардың еңбектері.
The plan of the lesson
I. Organization moment. - Good morning children! - Good morning teacher! - Sit down please. - Who is on duty today? - What date is it today? - Who is absent?
II. Brainstorming. - Do you have a garden? - What do you usually do in the garden? - What kind of garden do you know?
III. Check-up h/work
IV. The new theme.

Teacher: The aim of our lesson is to work at the text “Gardening” to learn the new words, to use them in our speech, to compare the Gardening in England and in Kazakhstan.
a) To work with picture T: Look at the picture. This is a fruit trees garden. Omar’s father planted fruit-tress. What kind of fruit do you know?
P1: Apples, pears, plums, cherries.
T: What does it mean “to plant trees”? Who plant fruit trees?
P2: It is a gardener.
T: What does it means “gardener”?
T: what do usually people do in the tree garden?
P2: They work, prune dead branches, white – wash fruit trees.
T: What means “prune”, “white – wash”?
T: What do people grow in the – garden?
P3: They grow tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, cabbages.
T: What does it means “to grow”?

b) Lets do this task
T: Now, children look at the, blackboard. You must put the words in wright order.
1. What, Omar, doing, between 2 and 3, after, lunch, was
(What was Omar doing between 2 and 3 after lunch?)
2. Was, watering, flowers, I.
(I was watering flowers.)
3. What, pruning, was, Omar.
(What was Omar pruning?)
4. What, planting, father, was, Omar’s
( What was Omar’s planting father?)

V. Gardening in Kazakhstan.
I want to say about Gardening in Kazakhstan. The land of Kazakhstan is rich. Almaty is famous with it’s apples “aport”.
We grow wheat, cotton, rice, potatoes. Each region of the republic grows grains, vegetable, fruits.

Complete the diagram.

orange apple carrots onion

bananas plums cabbage

lilies roses


VI. Gardening in England.
To read the text. Repeat after me the difficult words.

Famous, prefer, have patches of land, allotments, flower shows, popular, prize, process.

Reading the text.

VII. Compare. Vienn Diagramm.

Gardening in Kazakhstan Common Gardening in England

Inside Outside
Apple, cherry, plum, pears Tomato, onion, cabbage, potato

IX. Let’s make conclusion

X. To write an “Essay”
XI. To put the marks
Home work

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