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Grammar “Present Simple Passive ” -

Grammar “Present Simple Passive ”

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Абдужалилова Шахназа Джавланбековна
№3 Хамза атындағы жалпы орта мектебінің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі
The plan of the lesson
Grade: 9 «А»
The theme of the lesson: Grammar “Present Simple Passive ”
The aims of the lesson:
1. Educational: Presentation of the lesson about “Passive Voice”
2. Developing: To develop the pupils habits of the oral speech, to develop pupils creative and , grammar and lexical skills
3. Bringing-up: to bring up love and interest to the subject, to respect each other, to create an English atmosphere in the classroom.
The type of the lesson: New Lesson
Methods: mixed
Inter-subject connection: Kazakh, English
The equipment of the lesson: diagrams on the tasks, posters, computers, interactive board.
The procedure of the lesson
I.Organization moment:
T: Good morning, children!
P: Good morning, teacher!
T: I’m glad to see you!
P: We are glad to see you too!
T: What day is it today? What date is it today?
P: Today is the …
T: Who is on duty today? Who is absent today?
P: I’m on duty today…
T: Ok. Dear students, today we’ll have an unusual lesson. Because we have some guests here. In that case, try to be more active during the lesson.
II.Warming up: What does the rebus mean?

(Answer - I am surrounded by the enemies)
III. Checking home task:
T: What was your home task?
P: Our homework was to translate some sentences into English.
T: Are you all ready? Today I am going to ask the homework by the game of STEP. Who is ready? Come to the board. The rule of the game is – a student who first answers for my question will click a step to me. So let’s start then.
1. Балалар күнде барабан ойнайды. - Children play the drum every day.
2. Профессор студенттерді оқытады. - Professor teaches the students.
3. Жібек ыдыстарды жуады. - Jibek washes the dishes.
4. …………………………….
5. …………………………….
T: If you pay attention all the sentences are in Present Simple.
IV. Introducing the new theme: Today we are going to learn the Present Simple Passive.
V. The Presentation of the new theme
New lesson: “Passive Voice”.
T: We form the Passive Voice with
auxiliary verb To Be + Participle II
Present Simple am/is/are (not) + Past Participle II.
Past Simple was/were (not) + Past Participle II.
Passive Voice - Ырықсыз етіс
Қимыл мен іс-әрекетті асырушы арасындаңы қарым-қатынастық байланысты етіс деп атаймыз.
Аңылшын тілінде 2 етіс бар:
Active Voice --- Жай етіс – Бастауыш іс-әрекетті өзі істейді
Passive Voice --- Ырықсыз етіс – Қимыл иесі белгісіз болғанда, немесе ол жайлы айтқысы келмеген жағдайда қолданылады
Active Voice - Madina washes the room every day.
Passive Voice- The room is washed every day.
Ескерту: Қимыл иесін айту қажет болса-by көмекші сөзімен, ал қимыл іс-әрекеттің құралы – with көмекші сөзімен қолданылады.
Мысалы: The room is washed by Madina with a duster every day.
Subject Predicate Object
Active voice S O
Passive voice O by
with S
Many people read Mr. Smith’s books (active)
Mr. Smith’s books are read by many people (passive)
VI. Fastening of the lesson: In order to check your understanding we’ll play a NUMERAL GAME.
Here are numbers from 1 to 10.On the back side of each there are interesting tasks. Before beginning of the game let’s divide the class into 2 groups. Count from 1 ……..
Ok. Even numbers (жуфт сонлар) --1st group
Odd numbers (тоқ сонлар) - 2nd group
You’ll choose the number in turn.
(listen to the song and write the sentences in Present Simple Passive. 10 point for each sentence)
( You are out of luck. The game will be continued by the next team)

(Look at the computer on your table. Here are 10 sentences in Active Voice. Change them into Passive Voice and write. Computer will check your answers. EACH RIGHT ANSWER – 10 POINT)
№5 FIRE.
(Your 30 point are burned)

( Here is a difficult logical question. Where does the first potato found? Right answer 20 point)

( Ex. 2 F). page 41. Use the Present Simple Passive)
( Congratulations! You’ll get 30 point for prize)
1. Present Simple Passive
Everyone understands English. English ……… by everyone.
A) is understood
cool was understood
C) will be understood
D) understands
E) are understood

2. Present Simple Passive
The boy (to say) to come to school in time.
A) to be said
cool is saying
C) is said
D) was saying
E) are said

3. Present Simple Passive
A) will be played
cool were printed
C) are given
D) was bought
E) are giving

4. Present Simple Passive
The bank …… for lunch from 1 o’clock till 3 o’clock.
A) is closed
cool closes
C) was closed
D) will be closed
E) closing

5. Present Simple Passive
These goods ….. in France every year.
A) are produced
cool is produced
C) was produced
D) were produced
E) will be produced
6. Present Simple Passive
How ….. this word …..?
A) was / pronounced
cool does / pronounce
C) are / pronounced
D) will be / pronounced
E) is / pronounced

Key to the tests. 1- A. 2-C. 3-C. 4-A. 5-A. 6-E (Right answer-1 point)
(Congratulations! Your group will take a present from the box)
And now the leaders of the groups will tell us their total point.
VII.: Home task Ex.2 p.41. d and e
VIII. Evaluation.
The lesson is over, see you!
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