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Сабақтың тақырыбы: «Health”
Lesson theme : «Health”
Grade : 11 th
Date : April 28
Materials :cards , pictures and other visual aids
Interdiscipline communication – Biology.
Methods : discussion, analysing
Objectives: to learn the students to discuss health problems ,
to develop the students’ skills in speaking ,
to form by students culture of discussion.

Process of the lesson
I .Warm up
-Good morning.How are you ? Did you do your morning exercises ?
How did you sleep? What did you eat for breakfast ?
II. Presentation
Read these assessments and write vocabulary to them.
To keep fit :
1.to go in for sport
2. to eat right food
3. to keep clean your body and clothes
4. to check your health by doctor
5.don’t smoke and drink alcohol
Today at the lesson we speak to the theme “ Health” and discuss health problems.

III. Practice

1.Take the papers and write:
advantages disadvantages
-------------- ------------------
--------------- ------------------
--------------- ------------------
--------------- -------------------
--------------- -------------------
Let’s speak . For example : I think sport is dangerous, because …………..

2. Take the papers and write :
Useful food Harmful food
------------------- -------------------
------------------- -------------------
------------------- ------------------
------------------- -------------------
------------------- -------------------
Let’s speak. For example : I think bread is harmful, because ………………
3.Take the papers and read:
Some facts about smoking:
- Your clothes and hair will have a terrible smell.
- Your teeth will turn yellow.
- You will have bad breath.
- Your skin will be dry.
- A smoker is 22 times more likely to die of lung cancer than a not-smoker.
- Smoking causes heart attacks.
- Smoking causes bronchitis and asthma.
- Cigarette smoke clogs and makes lungs awfully dirty.
Answer the questions:
Why do young people smoke?
Who of you smokes ?
What more shocking facts about smoking do you know? Give examples.

4. Let’s divide into three groups. Say : “sun” “moon” “star”
The task is: you all play roles :
“suns” are optimists
“moons” are pessimists
“stars” are realists
You must talk to the theme:
Our health depends on us .
I give you for the preparation 5 minutes and after them you will begin to speak
playing roles of optimists, pessimists and realists

5.The next task is called “Interview”. You must ask the following questions to your classmates and discuss the answers.

How often do you go to doctor? What do you eat for break-fast? Do you do morning
every day? Do you smoke? Do you go in for sport ? What do you do if you have the flu?




Let’s begin your discussion. 3 people of 4 say that they don’t go for in sport. Why?
6. This is a creative task. You must draw a picture and show it to another team which tries to explain your ideas. Let’s begin.
IV. Production
Choose the following statements and do a report and others ask questions to them.
Coca cola is the best drink.
Chess is the best sport.
Ecology has any influence to your health.
V. Results
1.Assessment of the students
2. Home task – to write 7-8 sentences according to the theme “Health”
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