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6 класс
1. Theme of the lesson: How much is it?
2. The aims of the lesson:
1. Educational: to enlarge pupils Vocabulary on the theme “at the shop” and teach pupils to make up short dialogues on the theme;
2. Developing: to develop pupils speaking and writing skills;
3. Upbringing: to bring up pupils to be attentive and be sociable.
3. Predicted results: to be able to make up dialogues on the theme “at the shop”.
4.Type of the lesson: a new lesson.

Procedure of the lesson
1. Organization moment:
-Good afternoon, pupils! How are you?
-Good afternoon, teacher! We are fine, thank you. And you?
-Me too. Sit down. Let’s start our lesson. I’ll give you cards with pictures. Look at your cards: Vegetables is the first group and Fruits is the second. Please, take your seats and choose the leader of the group.
2. Checking homework
-Your homework was to make up sentences with indefinite pronouns. So look at the poster. There is a game called “Pear Garden”.(Тақтада постерге стикерлер арқылы алмұрт бағы жасалған, оқушылар сол алмұрттарды кезектесіп алып, белгісіздік есімдіктері арқылы сөйлемдер құрауы керек.) We are going to eat these pears. You should take pears one by one and make up sentences with the given words and indefinite pronouns. That group which gets a lot of pears will win.
3. Preparation for the new lesson
-Dear pupils, I will give you two cards and you should find who says these sentences.
Card 1: Good morning. Have you got a film for this camera?(Customer)
Card 2: Can I help you? Anything else?(Shop assistant)

4. Introducing the new theme
Introducing the Key Words:
Introducing the dialogue:
Listen and practice the dialog.
David: Excuse me!
S.a.: Can I help you?
David: Yes, please. Three small ice-creams.
S.a.: What flavour?
David: What flavour have you got?
S.a.: I have got strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and coffee.
David: One strawberry, one vanilla, and one chocolate, please.
S.a.:Right… Who is the strawberry for?
David: It’s for her.
S.a.: And the chocolate?
David:It’s for him. The vanilla is for me.
S.a.: Here you are.
David: How much is that?
S.a.: They are 60 tenge each… that’s 180 tenge altogether.
5. Tasks
1) Exercise 1. Read the questions in the given stickers and answer the questions according to the dialogue.
a) Where is David and his friends?
b) What did they buy?
c) Do you like ice-cream?
d) How often do you buy it?
2) Exercise 2.The group of “Shop assistants” will choose things to sell and the group of “Customers” will buy these things. You will come to the blackboard and make up a dialog.
3) In groups choose a thing to advertise and prepare an advertisement in 5 minutes. Use the given posters. After you’ll advertise it and the other group will evaluate it.
1. 2.
6. Concluding stage
Homework: Exercise 4. Make up a dialogue in pairs and sell and buy things.
Evaluation: To count pupils’ points and mark.
Pupils are given stickers and they should write two things that they liked and one thing that they don’t like about the lesson.
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