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Kazakhstan is my Motherland -

Kazakhstan is my Motherland

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ПОСМОТРЕТЬ ВИДЕО-УРОК Kazakhstan is my Motherland

Панель 1
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The theme: Kazakhstan is my Motherland
The aim of the lesson:
1. Educational aim. To present materials and practice the materials on basis of doing exercises, reading and answering the questions.
2. The aim of upbringing. Teaching pupils to love and respect their Motherland, culture, language and national customs.
3. Developing aim. Developing pupils mind and abilities of thinking creatively also, developing pupils speaking skills.
Visual aids: Pictures, maps, video clips.
Technical aids: Computers, screen.
I. The stages of the lesson
1. Organization moment.
a) Greeting.
T: Good morning pupils!
P: Good morning teacher!
T: How are you?
P:We are fine!

b) Marking absence.
T: Who is on duty today?
P: I’m on duty today.
T: Who are absent?
P: All are present.

c) Warming exercises
T: What is the weather like today?
P: The weather is fine.
T: Very good, now get ready for the lesson.

II. The main stage.
a) Checking up homework.
T: What is your homework for today’s lesson?
P: The homework is the text “Kazakhstan is my Motherland” .

Also learning the new words according to the text
T: Who is ready for homework?
P: I’m. I shall speak on the text “Kazakhstan is my Motherland”.

The base map of Kazakhstan appears on the screen and pupils retells the text through showing the geographical places of Kazakhstan.

T: Please, any questions to this pupil
P: What is the capital of Kazakhstan?
P: the capital of Kazakhstan is Astana.
The next pupil comes up to the blackboard.
T: Please, what theme are you going to speak on?
P: I’ll speak on the text “Landscape”.
T: Do you have questions to this pupil?
P: What is the state language of Kazakhstan?
P: The state language of Kazakhstan is Kazakh.
T: Thank you, you may go to your seat. Who is the next?
P: I’ll speak on the text “Climate”.

Pupils retell the text and other pupils answer the questions.

The national symbols of Kazakhstan appears on the screen. Pupils describe and explain the meanings of the pictures one by one.

T: The next task is working on the new words.

The pupils choose one of the envelope has a title inside. The pupils should say new words according that title which they have chosen.
T: Now you will watch the beautiful landscape of Kazakhstan.

The video clip of the sights appears on the screen.

2. Presenting the new theme.
Wildlife of Kazakhstan.

Presenting new words.

1. Concluding stage.
Reverse connection sets through method of "insert"

What I know?
What I knew? What I want to know?

Giving homework:
T: Your homework is reading the text and learning the new words. Write a topic on the theme “Kazakhstan”.

The lesson is over.
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