Knowledge is power.

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Материал тегін жариялап, сертификат алу

Theme: Knowledge is power.

Aims of the lesson: to check the pupils ''Knowledge of English languages, to develop the abilities to speak English.

Method : representative
Type: competition
Technical aids: the interactive board.

procedure of the lesson.

Our competition consists of 5 parts.
• Answer the questions
• Find and translate
• Do you know?
• Make new words
• Degrees of comparison of adjective

1 st part. Test

1. How old are you ?
a) I am fine . b)I'm OK c) I'm 15 d) I'm 15 old

2.What is the currency of the USA?
a) tenge b)euro c) dollar d) rouble

3.Would you like some more tea?
a) Yes, I am b) Yes, I do c) Yes, I did d) Yes, please.

4.Nile is the longest ______ in Africa.
a) lake b) river c) sea d) island

5.Find the antonym: popular
a) well-known b) famous c) known d) unknown

6.The biggest ocean on our planet.
a) the Pacific Ocean b) the Atlantic Ocean c) the Indian Ocean d) Sea

7. Twenty-two and fourteen is__________
a) thirty-sixty b) thirty-six c)sixty-two d) thirty-six

8. Where is John?____ is in the kitchen.
a) I am b)he c)she d)his

9.Uncountable noun is____
a) book b) lamp c)six d) rain

10.People can take books from the_____
a) school b) park c) cinema d) library

2. part Find and translate

1. East or West,_____ is best (үй -дом-home)

2.Never leave till______,that you can do today.(ертең-завтра-tomorrow)

3.A____ in need,is a____ indeed.(дос-друг-friend)

4.An apple a day,keeps the____ away.(дәрігер-доктор-doktor)

5.The teacher writes on me with chalk,my face is black,I can not talk.(тақта-доска-blackboard)

3.part .Do you know?


1.The first Kazakh spaceman (T.Aubakirov)

2.What are there in the national flag of Kazakhstan?(the eagle,the sun)

3.The oldest name of the capital of Kazakhstan.(Tselinograd)

4.Who was the first President of the USA?(G.Washington)

5.How many stars and stripes are there in the national flag of the USA?

6.Whose name was given to America?(Amerigo Vespucci)

7.What oceans is the USA washed by?(the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans)


1.The famous clock.(Big Ben) сурет

2.Where is the Khodja Akhmed Yassaui mauseleum?

3.Music guestion.What song is it? Who is the singer?(from the film”Titanic”.Celine Dion )

4.What monument is it?(Statue of Liberty)

IV th. part 'Make new words

IV Match the nowns to make new words or write olown the word combination.

1st team

1. pоst a. hall
2. traffic b. ball
3.concert c. lights
4. tooth d. air e. brush
6. fresh f. tree g. mother
8.grand h. room
9.basket i. ocean
10.The Atlantic j. card

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

2nd team

1. air a.ball
2. big b.bin c.cream
4.foot d.Ben
5.litter e.Britain
6.swimming f.father
7.grand g.assistant
8.great h.pool
9.time i.port j.table
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

V. Degreеs ot Comparison of adjective

1st team
positive comparative superlative

tall taller the tallest
short shorter the shortest
clean cleaner the cleanest
interesting more interesting the most

2nd team

dry- drier- the driest
fat- fatter- the fattest
good- better- the best
expensive- more expensive- most expensive

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