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Kurmangazy Sagyrbayuly -

Kurmangazy Sagyrbayuly

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Асанова А.,
№32 Ә.Жангелдин атындағы жалпы орта мектебінің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі.
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Theme: Kurmangazy Sagyrbayuly
Educational aims: to consolidate pupils knowledge concerning the theme, to stimulate pupils, activity to offer their opinions and ideas . Developing aims: to develop pupils, reading , writing and speaking skills and creative activity, to speak about music, famous composer and singers, to bring up the feeling of love to music. Type of the lesson: creative lesson methods: group work, question-answer Equipments: activeboard,pictures,crossword,kui Procedure of the lesson I.Organization moment. a)Greetings. duty, s report b) Warm up. Matching the words with the pictures.Write the names of the instruments in the spaces.Then listen,check and repeat: a piano, drums, a trumpet, a violin, a clarinet, an electric guitar, a saxophone, a flute, a synthesiser, a keyboard II. Checking up the homework

Exercise 5a) .Speaking about the pop star Dilnaz Akhmadieva.
b)Write exercise using present perfect or present perfect continuous
She/act and sing / for ----------------- years.( How long --------------?)
She / be famous / for more than 15 years .She / make album / for ------------years.( How long ------------?)She / make / five albums. She /make / five albums.( How many ----------------?)
III. Presentation of the new theme. The theme of the lesson is Kurmangazy Sagyrbayuly.Here are musical instruments. Please all of you choose one musical instrument which you like. And you will be divided into 3 groups. Here are group of dombra , group of guitar and group of piano. If you sit into 3 groups, we will do exercise.
1) Exercise 13 b) We have known about the pop singer. Now you must read Zhuldyz, s reply to Jenny and answer the questions in exercise 13b)
- What kind of music you like and how long you, ve liked it.
- Who your favourite bands and singers are .Why do you like them?
- Do you spend a lot of time listening to music and how do you prefer to listen?
2) Exercise 13 c) We have spoken about Zhuldyz, s information, then you must write a letter about your favourite type of music. Use Jenny,s questions and Zhuldyz,s answer to help you.
3) Now we play the game: ,,Who is he (she)? The leader of the group will come to the blackboard and describe him or her.Then each group must guess that person (Нұржамал Үсенбаева, МузАРТ, Құрманғазы Сағырбайұлы).
4) Listening kui ,,Көңіл ашар ,, by Kurmangazy Sagyrbayuly. If you remember kui, you know whose kui is it .Let,s work with the text.I,ll give you following tasks.Thet task of the group ,,Dombyra,, is to read about childhood of Kurmangazy.The task of the group ,,Guitar,, is social life of Kurmangazy.The task for,,Piano,, is Great kuisi.I, ll give you 10 min.Then work with the “Poster” . Work each other and pay attention to the most important information I will check up you with B.Blum taxonomy.

1)Extra reading. Kurmangazy Sagyrbayuly. If you understand the text we will mark the statements. T (true) or F (false). 0-7=3
2) Answer the problem questions 8-12=3
3) Fill in the crossword. ‘’Kurmangazy’’ 13-18=4
The keys of the crossword.
1.Music for the dombra. 2.The region where Kurmangazy was born.
3.The Kazakh national instrument.4.What did his mother love?
5.Who was a Kazakh leader in 1836?6.Where did he spend his last years?
7.What was the first capital of Kazakhstan?8.By whom was Kazakhstan ruled at that time?9. Who was his first teacher?10.His most famous composition is-----.
3) Retell the text according to the “Bonno’s six hats” 19-24=5
Speaking about Kurmangazy Sagyrbayuly.

Қазақтың қара домбырасы
Күмбірлетіп күй шертеді.
Күй атасы Құрманғазы
Мәңгі есте қалады.

IV. Conclusion. a) giving marks
b) giving tasks. Project work ,,Great kuishi,, , find out an unknown information from the life of Kurmangazy
6) Play the game : Who is he (she) ?
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