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Cабақтың тақырыбы: NATURE OF ALMATY

The aims of the lesson:
1.To make students be able to guess the riddle, to understand the text for listening to develop communicative skills
2.To encourage the development of students’ interest to the Nature of Almaty
3.To work on the new words
4.To bring patriots of the Motherland
Type of the lesson: mixed, conversation
Aids of the lesson: Cards, pictures , active board, test-papers, video clip.
The methods of the lesson: question-answer, test, reading, translation.
The prosedure of the lesson:
1. Organization moment
2. Warm-up
3. Psychological training
4. Checking up the home –task
5. Showing video clip
6. New material
7. Writing
8. Speaking
9. Test
10. Who is the best? Cross words
11. Homework
Warm up activity
• Psychological training
• Teacher: Every day we begin our lesson with the question: What is the weather like today? Because it’s very important to know what to wear. If it is a nice day, we smile and we are in a good mood. If it is a bad weather, it can spoil our mood. By the way, what is the weather like today?
• P1 – Today the weather is windy and sunny
Work on the vocabulary
 Endanger
 rescue
 cruelty
 spruse
 saxaul
 shed
 bush
What do you think about the nature?
Can you tell me about typical Kazakhstan animals and plants?
Showing the video about the Nature of Almaty.
Presentation of the new material
The theme of the lesson is:
The Nature of Almaty.
Reading the text and translating
Mind the pronunciation of new words:
Nature reserve
Mountain ski resort Shymbulak is situated at 2200-2500metres in the picturesque Shymbulak gorge. It is remarkable for its mild climate with a lot of sunny days.
The average December temperature is-6,3 C.
After a snowfall, it’s powder is as good as anywhere also in the world.
Peak Talgar
Talgar peak is 49-73 metre high.It’s slopes are covered with glaciers and snowfields. The first acsent of Talgar Peak was performed in 1935.
It also has some of the most scenic hiking. However, the area is part of the closed Almaty nature reserve and special permission is normally required to visit it.
The reserve protects snow leopard habitat and its also the home of such
Animals as deer, eagles, wild sheep arkhar.
Charyn canyon
It is populary said that Charyn canyon is a smaller version of the famous Grand Colorado Canyon in the US, but really it has a Charyn of its own. The Charyn river is the left tributary of the Ili river.
Charyn canyon
It is populary said that Charyn canyon is a smaller version of the famous Grand Colorado Canyon in the US, but really it has a Charyn of its own. The Charyn river is the left tributary of the Ili river.
Khan Tangri
Khan Tangri is 6995m high and it is one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Khan Tangiri is on the border of Kazakhstan, Kirgyzstan close to their borders with China.
1. What is the capital of Kazakhstan?
a/London b/Astana c/Almaty d/New york
2. How many people live in Kazakhstan?
a/17 mln. b/12 mln. c/19 mln. d/14 mln.

3. What country doesn’t it border?
a/China b/Turkmenistan c/The USA d/Uzbekistan
4. What is the official language of Kazakhstan?
a/ Kazakh b/Russia c/English d/Turkish
5. When is the Independence Day of Kazakhstan?
a/16th of December b/31st of August
c/ 25th of December d/ 8th of march
6. What sport in Shimbulak is famous for?
a/skating b/skiing c/hiking d/mountain climbing
7. Medeo is?
a/ The world highest skating rink b/The city’s biggest shopping center
c/Nature reserve d/Village near almaty
8. Almaty was the capital of Kazakhstan until?
a. 1990 c. 1995
b. 1997 d. 1993
9. The area of Kazakhstan is?
a. 2.753000 square km c.6.707000 square km
b. 1.655000 square km d.2.235000 square
10.Is Charyn Canyon …. than Grand Colorado Canyon?
a/bigger b/higher c/taller d/smaller
11.Khan Tangiri is border?
a/Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, China b/Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan
c/China, Uzbekistan, Russia d/Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, China
12.What’s Khan Tangiri?
a/Mountains b/Lake c/River d/Canyon
13.Is Peak Talgar the highest?
a.4973 b.4223 c.5670 d.5200
14.What is Shymbulak ?
a/Skiing resort b/River c/Lake d/Peak
15.Where is situated our country?
a/Europe b/Central Asia c/ Great Britain d/ the USA
Practice exercise 7 p104
Skating rink
Ski resorts

Who is the best?
1. Mountain
2. Canyon in the USA
3. Skating rink
4. Canyon in the RK
5. Peak
6. Skiing resort

Home task.
1.read the text and retell
2.to learn new words
3.put marks
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