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On the road -
Тұрғанов Қайрат,
А. Шерімқұлов атындағы жалпы орта мектебінің ағылшын тілі мұғалімі
ОҚО, Ордабасы ауданы
Сабақтың тақырыбы: “On the road”

Lesson plan
Grade 8
Cambridge university press. Messages 4 Students book

The theme of the lesson: “On the road”
The aims of the lesson:

Educational: To revise the Verbs, to improve hearing skills, to give the clear
explanation how to formulate the passive
Developing: To develop visual and aural memory, attention, to enlarge listening,
speaking , and writing skills.
Up-bringing: To bring-up pupils to be careful on the road and to widen their scope

The type of the lesson is: mixed
Method of teaching: Presentation, Practice, Product. Group work.
Visual aids: Interactive board, Student’s book, audio, video CD, some cards,
slides, and pictures, etc.
Connection with other subjects: Kazakh, Russian, Geography, History

The procedure of the lesson
I. The organization moment of the lesson:
- Good morning, boys and girls !
- How are you today ?
- Who is on duty today ?
- What is the weather like today ?
- What date is it today ?

II. Checking up the home work:
To revise irregular verbs and their forms. Teacher will start with the base form and students must give past and past participle forms.
For example : begin-began-begun
Break- broke-broken, etc.
III. New lesson
The theme of the lesson is “On the road”
Pupils will learn words connecting with the road, they`ll get acquainted with some American English words and with grammar “The passive voice”
1 Presentation of the vocabulary :
Here are some pictures on the interactive board, you must answer me “What is this?” You may answer in Kazakh, in Russian, if you don`t know English translation. The words connecting with road:
Helmet - дулыға/ шлем
Lorry - жүк көлігі/ грузавик
Roundabout - айналма жол/ кольцевая дорога
Traffic lights - бағдаршам/ светофор Scooter-
Wheel - дөңгелек/ колесо
Scooter- скутер
Motorbike - мотоцикл
Speed limit – жылдамдықты шектеу/ скоростной лимит
Petrol station – жанармай бекеті/ заправочная станция
= Here are some American English words. American English word for ;
Lorry is - truck, petrol is -gas, motorbike is called motorcycle, traffic lights is stop lights.

2 Practice . Making an anagram Students choose one word and mix the letter in order to make an anagram , for ex; rorly – lorry.

3 Grammar The Passive voice.
- Listen and watch the Video recording
- If is it clear, answer me to my question - How we formulate the passive sentences ?
- Students must say three steps of forming Passive.
1 What is the passive voice ?
2 When should we use the passive voice ?
3 How we formulate the passive voice
4 Work with the text ‘They are loved by thousands”

a)Listen to recording about Andy and his Harley Davidson motorbike. You should find out the passive sentences from the text and underline it.
b)Ask questions to check comprehension, for ex:
- Who owns the Bikes?
- What clothes do the fans often wear?
- Who uses Harley Davidson motorbike in Germany
-Who made the first Harley Davidson ?
- When did the Harley Davidson company open?

5 Time to play.
The teacher divides pupils into two groups. The group captain must choose one of this question words 1- When? 2- Where?
With the help of the pictures they must make questions in passive sentences and give answer. For example :
Question word is- When.
Picture is- Computer.
Question : When was the computer invented? The computer was invented in 1946
The group which questions and answers are correct gets good marks.

IV Conclusion I think, now we can make a conclusion. Please look at the interactive board and complete the crossword about our today’s theme.

1 when you`re on the road, you mustn`t go faster than this
7 You wear this to protect your head
8 Andy`s got one. It’s a Harley Davidson
9 The traffic goes round in a circle here
2 If you don`t visit this place, your car won`t go far
3 Its bigger than the car , but it doesn`t carry passengers
4 If they`re red, you have to stop here
5 Its faster than the bicycle, but it isn’t as powerful as “8 across”
6 “8 across” has two of this

VI - Evaluation
- Giving home task: Make your own passive sentences as much as you can. You must use the new words connecting with road.
- Is everything clear for you, any questions?
- Today you worked very well.
- I’ll give you good marks.
- The lesson is over!
- Good bye!
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