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Grade             5thә

Date:              27.11.14


Time               2nd  lesson  9:50-10:35

The theme of the lesson:  Possessive case 

The main aim: To explain them grammar rule comparing with Kazakh and Russian languages

Expecting result: they must know new words, they must be able to distinguish the difference

between pronouns and Possessive case.  they must be able to complete the sentences


Teachers action

Pupil’s action

Visual aids



2 min


4 min


3 min













10 мин































15 мин
















Plan of the lesson:

1 Greating

to awake in them the desire for a better  ‘Little red box’

Asking the homework


Approaching to the subject. Teacher gives the tasks to the thinking

1-Find the difference between these pictures

2-Techers gives Kazakh words with the sound  -ng

  • қараңғы
  • Қаңқа
  • жаңқа
  • жаңғақ
  • шаңырақ


New theme

The sound ‘ng’ Teacher gives the video with the sound –ng


Kg           ng

Ng Morning king bank tank sing


New words are with the pictures


New theme comparing with pronouns and Possessive case (pictures)

I    -       My                   Mother’s      

You -      your               Aigul’s

He   -       His   Azamat’s

She  -       Her  

It      -       Its  window

You  -       your 

We  -        our  

They  -     their


Teacher gives some examples with PC and new words


1)Teachertakes from the box toys,  Which group is find, they  would take the toy. Each group have to give adjectives with Possessive case

2) Photo the pictures

Dividing into the groups: red blue yellow

Warming up: Let’s dance The song “Head and shoulders knees and toes”




Teacher gives some questions from the new theme. They will given marks. Marks will shown for all the pupil.

Teacher shows what is in the little red box

‘Thank you very much’ It is nothing more important than Thanks

Home work 

        New words, write 10 examples,ex 4



They’re standing up

They trying to know ,what is it in the red box?


To be ready for the lesson


All of them thinking what about the task?

They find the differ between the pictures





Repeating after the teacher the sound






Pupils are watch  the video with the sound –ng

And repeat after the teacher






They write down the new words into the copybook

and read

listening the teacher










Each child gives his own example with the possessive case and new words ,like – My dress, your gloves, its roof, Our hat etc.










Pupils must  tell what kind of toy the teacher has

Which group find, it will given them




Children must remember which picture is the last



Let’s warming up .It makes them stronger

The song ‘Head and shoulders knees and toes

                 And eyes and mouth and nose and ears


Children should answer to the question

They will give their own mark to each other with the smiles


They clap the hands

Teachers documents


Colour pens








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