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Talent me. The Gerund -

Talent me. The Gerund

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The date: 22.02.2016 Form: 9 b The theme: Talent me. The Gerund The aims: a) to introduce pupils with new grammar theme. To teach them to exchange the gerund from noun. To teach them to have skills in using strategies to guess the meaning of new grammar. b) to enlarge pupils oral and written speech. To improve their pronunciation habits. To teach them to make up sentences using the gerund. To enrich their vocabulary. To show them the similarities between their own language and English. c) to bring up children to be more friendly to each others. to teach them to use the gerund in orall speech. Type of the lesson: traditional Equipment: cards, white board, recorder, stuctures
Procedure of the lesson
І. Warming up: a) greeting pupils; b) checking up home tasks ІІ. Brainstorming Ex: 2 р95 ІІІ. Рresentation of new grammar The Gerund Verb + ing
1. In continous tenses: The fish is swimming now. (verb)
2. In participle I: The swimming fish. (participle I )
3. The Gerund: Swimming is necessary for our health. (swimm+ing = GERUND)
Teach teaching (оқыту / оқыту)
Travell travelling (саяхат / саяхаттау)
Мағынасы және кызметі жағынан герундий маятник ретінде кызмет атқарады :
Герундийдің зат есімнен айырмашылгы:
- артикльмен колданылмайды
-көпше түрі болмайды
Sunbathing can be dangerous. – Күнге қыздырыну қауіпті
But I enjoy sunbathing. Бірақ мен күнге қыздырынганнан ләззәт аламын Swimming is my hobby. (бастауыш)Have you ever considered going to live abroad? (толыктауыш) to go құрылымымен: to go skiing – шаңгы тебуге бару to go dancing – бимен айналысу/ биге бару to go shopping – дүкен аралау to go swimming - жүзуге бару to do құрылымымен: to do the shopping – сауда жасау to do the washing – кір жуу to do the ironing - үтіктеу training – жаттығу, тренинг Не got an intensive training. Ол қарқынды дайындықтан отті. meeting - кездесу, жиналыс Не had two meetings today. Бүгін оның екі кездесуі болды.
Герундий тақырып атауларында қолданылады:
 English Language Teaching. Ағылшын тілінің берілуі.
 Steps to Understanding. Түсінудің сатылары.
 Telling jokes. Әзілдеу.
 Doing business. Бизнеспен айналысу.
 Training your staff. Қызметкерлерді дайындау.
 Meeting people. Кездесу .
 Choosing the correct sentence. Дұрыс сойлемді таңдау.
The Gerund has the functions both of a noun and of a verb. It is used in the function of the subject. Read and memorize! IV. Practice 1) Answer the following questions.
1. What do you take interest in?
2. What kind of sports do you go in for?
3. When do you start doing your room?
4. When do you think of airing it?
5. What do you intend doing during the holidays?
6. What do you do on getting up in the morning?
7. What do you do on coming home from school?
8. When do you begin doing your lessons? 2) Insert the verbs in brackets in the correct form.
1. Ann prefers (to walk) to (to go) by tram.
2. Some people still imagine (to fly) to be more dangerous than to (travel) by train.
3. I shall enjoy (to rest) this afternoon as I have had a busy morning.
4. If you keep (to make) such a noise with your wireless, everybody will get an awful headache.
5. Jack is fond of (to play) hockey in winter.
6. Avoid (to cross) the street when the traffic is not stopped by the red light. 3) Complete the sentences, using a gerund. A DIALOGUE Ann: How do you like the idea of seeing Astana during our winter vacation? Jane: What a wonderful idea! I enjoy travelling and sightseeing. Ann: If we have no difficulty in getting tickets to the Astana Opera Theatre, we shall go to an opera performance. Jane: I'm sure we'll manage it. Still I prefer seeing a ballet. Ann: Let's fix the time of our meeting. Jane: I'm sorry, I can't tell you anything definite just now, without talking the matter over with my parents. Would you mind ringing me up so as to settle this question? Ann: All right. Then we shall make all the necessary arrangements. Jane: Quite so. Good-bye. Ann: Good-bye. 4) find the gerund from the text LEARN TO LOVE MUSIC
If you want to learn to love and to understand music, one of the most important things is to learn to be a good listener. This is not very easy. We hear many sounds surrounding us, but hearing is not listening. We may hear music while working, after coming home from work or before leaving for work, but we are not really listening to it.
Many people say that they like listening to music. But while listening to it, their ears take in many other sounds, too, such as: the noises out-of-doors, some conversation, a baby's, crying. In this case they hear some music (mostly on the radio), but they are not listening to it. If you want to be a good listener, you have to listen to music without doing anything else. Try to sit still and to concentrate on listening for a few minutes at first. Then you can practice it for a longer while and at last it will become a habit with you. Besides, we have to read about composers and their works and go on looking for more and more to read about the kind of music we are interested in. There are many books on listening to and understanding music and about great composers, which can help you to learn loving and understanding music. Dialogue Kevin: Come in!.. Hello, yes... take a seat. Now, you are?.. Lisa: Lisa... Lisa Baker. Kevin: OK. My name is Kevin Bird, Lisa, and I'm going to interview you today. Now then, how old are you, Lisa? Lisa: Nineteen. Kevin: OK. And what job are you applying for? Lisa: Waitress. Just a normal waitress. Kevin: OK. Now we have two shifts, that's seven to three or three to eleven in the evening. Do you have any preference? Lisa: No, I don't mind. But I can only work Saturday and Sunday. Kevin: That's fine, Lisa. Saturday and Sunday are our busiest days! Can you tell me if you have any experience? Our standards are pretty high here at the Happy Chicken. Lisa: Well, last summer I worked for MacDonald's... for three months. Kevin: Right. How about as a waitress, though? Lisa: Oh, I worked over New Year in a local restaurant near my parents' home. I speak Spanish and there were lots of Spanish tourists, so I got good tips!Kevin: Great! So you speak Spanish. Excellent. Well, there are still some other candidates so can you just give me your phone number and I'll be in touch? Lisa: Yes. It's 559304. Kevin: Oh! When is the best time to contact you? Lisa: Evenings, between five and eight, I think. Kevin: Fine. Well, thanks very much for coming, Lisa. Sec you again! Lisa: Bye! Listen to the interview and answer the questions below. 1. What days can Lisa work? 2. How experienced is Lisa? 3. What does Kevin promise at the end of their conversation? Answers 1. She can work only Saturday and Sunday. 2. She worked for MacDonald’s for three months. She worked over New Year in a local restaurant, so she got good tips. 3. Kevin promised to be in touch with Lisa and asked her phone number. V. Evaluation PROVERBS It is no use crying over spilt milk. It is hard sailing when there is no wind. There is no accounting for tastes. Seeing is believing. RIDDLES What can run all the time without getting hot? (A cold water tap) What asks no questions yet needs answering? (The door hell) IV. Conclusion: a) giving marks b) giving home tasks
Скачать методички (классные уроки) для учителей по разным предметам: история, литература, физика. Как провести урок с учеником, вам поможет грамотно составленный план урока. Занятия по математике, литературе, физике, информатике, химии, психологии.