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Teenagers  and  their  idols  of  music -

Teenagers and their idols of music

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Teenagers and their idols of music
8th form
Aims of the lesson:
Educational: to speak about music and to discuss the arts in monologues and dialogues, to teach children to understand the kinds of music;
Developing: to develop students’ logical thinking, creative abilities and vocabulary;
Bringing up: to bring up to love nature, arts and music;
Visual aids: Active board
The type of the lesson: combined
The procedure of the lesson:
I. Brainstorming
Answer the questions
1. What style of music do you know?
2. Who is your favorite Kazakh composer?
3. Who is your favorite English composer?
4. Who is your favorite Russian composer?
5. Have you ever been to a concert ?
6. Have you ever listen to a classical music?
7. What is your favorite musical instrument?
8. What do you feel when you listen to music?
9. Do you like music more than films?
10. Can you play any musical instruments?
11. What is your favorite group?
12. Do you know many songs?
13. Do you know any British or American groups or singers?
14. What kind of music do you like to listen to?
15. What music do your parents like to listen to?
II. Complete
The kinds of music
jazz pop

orchestral music Music rock
Film music
modern folk blues
Where can you meet music?

In park
In concert hall discos

at home Music in theatres

at lessons
at the seaside in the forest
III. Work with the text
Elvis Presley
a) To read the text
b) To find the new words
c) To translate
d) To answer the questions
IV. Word window
Put the words in the box into the correct columns. Add more words of your own to each column.

Rock-n-roll, saxophone, musician punk, pop, bass guitar, piano, lead guitar, heavy metal, songwriter, drums, singer, pop-star, guitarist, producer, trumpet; etc.

Instruments People Types of music
V. Test yourself
1. About a hundred couples were dancing on the nightclub’s
a) Auditorium b) dance floor c)heavy metal music
2. The ….. played some very good music
a) Disk jockey b) singer c) nightclub
3. After we’ve been to a nightclub we get …. And eat it at home.
a) Crisps and snacks b) nuts, sandwiches and soft drinks c) a take-away chinese meal
4. The evening was disappointing because the group was ….
a) Really exciting b) cool c) poor
5. Everybody of the school liked heavy-metal music. It was really …
a) Famous b) popular c) disappointing
6. Rock-n-roll became popular in the …..
a) 1960 b)1962 c) 1955
7. What is the name of new Mc Cartney’s group?
a) Wings b) Fifty cent c) Beatles
8. Where did the Beatles grow up?
a) Liverpool b) England c) Oxpord
9. Who is the ”Father of rock-n-roll”?
a) M.Jackson b) E. Presley c) P. Mc Cartney
10. Who is the “Father of Pop music”?
a) E. Presley b) M. Jackson c) P. Mc Cartney
VI. Hometask
Retelling “Elvis Presley”
To write “My favorite singer”
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