The leader of ХХI century

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Материал тегін жариялап, сертификат алу

Байсейтова Назерке Мусилимовна,
Түркістан жалпы орта
мектебінің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі,
Түркістан қаласы. ОҚО

Сабақтың тақырыбы: “The leader of ХХI century”

Сабақтың мақсаты:

Білімділік: Ұлы Британия туралы мәлімет беру, мәтін арқылы сөйлеу қабілеттерін жақсарту.

Дамытушылық: Ағылшын тілін қатесіз сөулеуге үйрету,
оқушылардың оқу, жазу, сөйлеу және
тыңдап түсіну қабілеттерін дамыту.

Тәрбиелік: Оқушыларды тілін қастерлеуге, ағылшын тілінің маңыздылығын түсінуге, cөз өнерін дәріптеуге, еңбекқорлыққа, білімділікке тәрбиелеу.

Сабақтың түрі: сайыс сабақ

Көрнекіліктер: слайд-шоу, карточкалар

Тәсілі: cұрақ-жауап, топтық жарысу, fish bone

The process of the lesson:

1. Organization moment
2. Checking the home task
3. New theme
4. Doing activities
5. New words
6. Conclusion, to give the home task, estimation.

1. Organization moment:

Good morning, pupils! How are you? How did you spend your weekends?

2. Checking the home task:

Ex 2 (a), p115

Guess what these words mean:

Situation sector
Situated economy
Industrial flora
Agriculture fauna

3. New theme:

Pupils, do you like today’s weather? Why? Do you want to know the weather of other countries? For example: Great Britain?

(Оқушылар 3 топқа бөлінеді, әр топқа топ басшы тағайындалынады, топтың аты қойылады, Ұлы Британия жайлы мәтін беріледі, мәтінді 3 ке бөліп, 10 мин уақыт беріледі. Оқушылар түсінгендерін постерге сызып немесе сурет арқылы салып, барлығына түсіндіреді, осылай кезекпен сабақты ашады.)

Ex 1, p 117
Great Britain

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is situated in the north-west coast of Europe between the Atlantic Ocean on the north and north-west and the north-west and the North Sea on the east.
The United Kingdom (UK) consists of four parts. They are: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The UK lies on the British Isles. There are some 5500 islands. The two of them are the main islands. They are: Great Britain and Ireland. They are separated from the continent by the English Channel and the Strait of Dover. The West coast of the continent is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea.
The UK is one of the smallest countries in the world. It is twice smaller than France or Spain. The area of the UK is some 244 100 square kilometers. The population of Great Britain is over 57 million. The population lives mostly in towns and cities and suburbs.
Great Britain is not rich in natural resources. Coal and oil are the most of them. The UK is one of the most industrialized countries. Agriculture takes also an important sector in the economy of the country. British people grow wheat, fruit, vegetables and oats.
Great Britain is well known in the world as a nature-loving country. Its people care about the flora and fauna of the British Isles. But as a highly industrialized country Great Britain encountered the problem of environmental pollution. And the people of Great Britain had to pay great attention to the problem of environmental protection. Now the state policy of Great Britain in environmental protection is to control air and water pollution and the study of man’s influence on the environment.
There are many rivers and lakes in Great Britain. The Severn is the largest river, the Thames is the most important one.
The geographical position of Great Britain gives it mild climate. The Gulf Stream influences the English climate greatly. The climate is not the same in all parts of the British Isles. The western part of the country is warmer than the eastern one.
It is not too hot in summer or too cold in winter. It often rains in England. Rain falls in summer and in winter, in autumn and spring. Snow falls only in the North and West of the country.

4. Doing activities:
(Мұғалім мәтін бойынша 9 сұрақты карточкаларға жазып, тақтаға магнитпен жапыстырып қояды, 3 топ кезекпен шығып жауап береді)

I. Question - answer:
1. What is the official name of Great Britain?
2. Where is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island situated?
3. How many parts does the UK consist of?
4. What are they?
5. Where does the UK lie?
6. What are the main islands?
7. How are they separated from the continent?
8. What washes the west coast of the country?
9. The East coast is washed by the North Sea, isn’t it?

II. Agree or disagree:

(3 топ кезекпен шығып, сөйлемдердің дұрыс, бұрысын анықтайды. Сұрақтың жауабы дұрыс немесе бұрыс болса, сол жерге сұрақтың нөмерін жазады).

1. The population of Great Britain doesn’t live mostly in towns and cities and their suburbs.
2. Great Britain is rich in natural resources.
3. Coal and oil are the most natural resources of Great Britain.
4. The UK is one of the most industrialized countries in the world.
5. Agriculture doesn’t take an important sector in the economy of the country.
6. The British people grow wheat, fruit, vegetables, oats.

III. Crossword about Great Britain.

2. The capital of Scotland.
6. One of the largest Islands of the British Isles.
7. One of the 3 parts of Great Britain.
9. The largest city of Great Britain.
10. One of the 3 parts of Great Britain.
11. One of the symbols of Great Britain.

1. The highest mountain in Great Britain.
3. The longest river in Great Britain.
4.Officially head of all the branches of government in Great Britain.
5. Official language is spoken in Great Britain.
6.The capital of Northern Ireland.
8. The capital of Wales.


Across: Down:
2.Edinburgh 1.Ben Nevis
6.Britain 3.Severn
7.Scotland 4.Queen
9.London 5. English
10.Wales 6.Belfast
11.Thames 8.Cardiff

5. New words:
Each group gets for 3 words, they should find the correct form of words:
1. sndial, auqsre, ertapase
2. ltreurigasu, tnitneocn, loac
3. aorfl, anuaf, ndusirty

1. island – арал, square – көлем, separate – бөліну, бөлу
2. agriculture – ауыл шаруашылығы, continent – материк, coal – көмір
3. flora – флора, fauna – фауна, industry – өнеркәсіп

6. I. Conclusion of the lesson:
Every country has own customs, traditions, culture, authority and nature, but East or West the home is best!

II. The home task is:
Retelling the text “Great Britain”.

III. Estimation of pupils:
All of you have participated, greatly.

The lesson is over.
Good bye, pupils.

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