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The  system  of  education  in  Great  Britain -

The system of education in Great Britain

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The system of education in Great Britain
The aims of the lesson: to teach pupils to talk about education; to explain new theme and new words; to develop pupils’ speech and speaking, thinking, listening habits.
Visual aids: text-books,an interactive board.
The plan of the lesson:
I. Organizational moment
II. Phonetic drill
III. Checking up the home task

IV. Game “Happy hour”
V. Conclusion
The procedure of the lesson:
I. Organizational moment
II. Phonetic drill
We’ll take a new phonetic drill. Look at the board and listen to me very attentively.
The school has doors that open wide
And friendly teachers wait inside
Hurry, hurry, let’s go in,
For soon the lessons will begin.
III. Checking up the hometask
IV. Presentation. Work with new text.
Our new theme is “The system of Education in Great Britain”
Today we’ll take new words. Listen to me attentively

еducation- білім беру primary-бастауыш
holiday- демалыс secondary- орта
last- .ұзару compulsory- міндетті
get acquainted-танысу curriculum- оқу бағдарламасы
ordinary- қарапайым junior- бастапқы
minority- азшылық nursery class- МАД тобы
state- мемлекеттік comprehensive school- толық
қамтылған мектеп
private- жеке меншік infant school- балабақша
kindergarten- балабақша

Text The system of education in Great Britain
All children in Britain have to receive a full time education from the ages of 5 to 16. Most of them go to state schools. They are free and attendance is compulsory. Some children attend private schools where parents pay for educa-tion of their children.
Generally, children attend primary schools from 5 years, at 11 or 12 moving on to secondary schools.
Before living school pupils may take examinations in several chosen subjects for the General Certificate of Education which as its name implies, shows that the holder has received a general education and reached certain standards in various subjects. The examinationsare two levels : ordinary (O-level) and advanced(A-level).
Full time education does not end for all young people when they finished the secondary school. Some of them decide that extra years spent at a university, polytechnic or college.
After three years study at a university a student may proceed to a Bachelor’s degree: and later to the degrees of Master and Doctor. Polytechnics and colleges provide advanced special training for technicians and professional people.
V. Game “Happy hour”
(The class is divided into two groups)
I tour
Team A
1. What kind of schools are there in England?
2. What does a primary school consist of?
3. How many years do English pupils study at secondary school?
4. What does A level mean?
5. It is compulsory to wear uniform at the school of Great Britain?
Team B
1. What kind of schools are there in Kazakhstan?
2. What school subjects have you got at your school?
3. What can you tell about grammar schools in England?
4. Tell about infant and junior schools in England.
5. What should you do to learn English well?
II tour
Words from the box
1. What something important do you receive from school?
2. How many stages does educational system in Great Britain have?
3. What kind of punishment is there in Great Britain?
4. How many years are compulsory in our Republic?
5. What subjects does the secondary school curriculum include?
III tour- A dark horse
1. Who goes to [private schools?
2. What holidays do you have every year?
3. What is the purpose of education in Britain?
IV tour- you-me, I-you
V tour- A race After the leader.
VI. Conclusion
Game “Brain-ring”
Level III
1. What something important do you receive from school?
2. Name things which you need for school.
Level II
1. How long does a school year last?
2. What can you say about private schools in Great Britain?
Level I
1. Describe your classroom.
2. Describe your school.
Hometask: Retelling about the system of education in Great Britain and in Kazakhstan.
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