The Theme of the lesson is «Travelling»

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Материал тегін жариялап, сертификат алу

Шымкент қаласы, №34 жалпы орта мектебі.
Тасбауова Жұмагүл Сапарханқызы ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі

The Theme of the lesson is «Travelling»

Aim; revise ABC and vocabulary encourage students to learn English develop abilities in reading and writing.
Visual aids pisture,ballons,wall posters.
Procedure of lesson
1 Greeting.
-Good mornind,children!How are you?
-Good mornind,
-Good mornind,
-Good mornind to you
-Good mornind,
-Good mornind,
We are glad to seeyou.
Answer the guestions.
What date is it today?
What day is it now?
What month is it now?
How many days has a week?
How many month has a year?
Lets us begin our lesson.The theme of the
lesson is «Travelling»
First of all we`ll take a bus and sing a song
«ABS» then go to the Zoo
1.The first bus stop is Poems.
On the 8th of March.
My dear,dear Mummy,
I love you very happy,
On the 8th of March.
2.May day.
Today is May day,
Today is May day,
We are happy and say
On the first of May.
3.That is your name?
That is your name?What is your name?
Now tell me please. That is your name?
My name is Hellen? My name is Hellen?
That`s my name.
4.The Mouse and the cat.
Little Mouse, Little Mouse,
Where is your hous?
Little ,little cat,
I have ho flat.
I am a poor mous
I have no house.
Little mouse, Little mouse,
Come into my hous
Little cat, Little cat,
I cant do that,
You want to eat me.
2.The second bus stop is the text.
Let`s read the text.
3.The third bus stop is quess the Crossword.
4.The fourth bus stop is the Dialogue
The pupils must make the Dialogue
5.The fifth bus stop is «Sing a Song»
The song is «My Bonny»
6.The sixth bus stop is Theatre
The pupils show a play a Grasshopper and an Ant
7.The sevens bus stoop is Zoo.
I ask some questions.
1.What is this?
2.Do like a fox?
3.Do you like awolf?
4.What animals do you like?
The end of the Lesson.
I give marks children.
I give the Home work Ex.11.p.112 and
make 5 sentences with wild animals.

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