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The theme «You will love it» -

The theme «You will love it»

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ПОСМОТРЕТЬ ВИДЕО-УРОК The theme «You will love it»

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Date 12/02/15
Teacher: Ibragimova A.B. 6 “А”
The theme «You will love it»
The main aims • to introduce and to practice new words on the theme
• to develop pupils’ speaking skills through giving instructions using new words on the theme
• to create an atmosphere of self and mutual respect and social interaction through group and pair works
Expected results At the end of the lesson pupils will be able to:
• give instructions using new words used at the lesson and out of it
The main ideas of the lesson • Imperative Mood
• Classroom vocabulary
Resources notebook, mobile phones, A3 sheets, markers
Procedure of the lesson
stages of the lesson time:
45 minutes the climate in the classroom Actions of
the teacher the pupils
Greeting 1minutes working greets pupils in English greet the teacher
Divisionofpupilsintogroups. Establishing rules of the group. 5 minutes creative, positive, favorable and benevolent invites pupils to stand in a circle then divides into three groups by asking pupils to name their favourite food. Forexample: ahamburger, a spaghetti, a chocolate. Then after being divided into groups the teacher invites pupil to establish rules of working in a group by writing them on the blackboard. For example: Be quiet! Listen! stand in a circle, name their favourite food no more than three, sit where their favourite food is, establish rules of the group with the help of the teacher
Brain storm
“What words I know on the theme” 5minutes favourable and benevolent asks each group to write as many words as they can on the theme “Classroom vocabulary” on A3 sheets write words on A3 sheets, they read them to other groups, the group who has more words than the other groups is the winner
Filling clusters on the theme “What I usually do in the classroom”
7 minutes positive and benevolent asks pupils to think in a group what they usually do in the classroom and make up a cluster upon it, supports them by giving them hints and praising the them work in a group and fill the clusters, then present it to other groups, the best cluster is the winner
Warm up exercise
“Cute Froggy dance” 3 minutes the positive charge of emotions.
laughter and joy. Repeats the actions of the children in the video together with pupils repeat the actions of the children
Discovery task “ Work with a picture” 5 minutes working noise asks pupils to open their student books at page 66, look at the picture in ex 1 and guess through discussion in groups which activities the teacher does not like. For example: play with a ball, after doing the tasks invites them to name them work in a group, discuss and try to guess which activities the teacher in the picture does not like, then name them
Listening to the tape script “Classroom rap” 2 minutes favorable plays the CD, asks pupils to listen, then read it fluently (only 1 volunteer from each group) listen to the tape script, choose one pupil from each group who will read “Classroom rap”
Matching the line with the rap with a student in a picture 5 minutes working asks pupils to work in pairs and match the line with the rap with a student in a picture, then change their answers with other to check them up with the right answers given by the teacher work in pairs, match the line with the rap with a student in a picture, then change their answers with other to check them up with the right answers given by the teacher
Acting out the rap 9 minutes favourable and benevolent asks pupils to make up four lines of a classroom rap, then act them out to make other pupils guess work in groups, make up four lines of a classroom rap, then act it out to other groups to let them guess what instructions they are given
Reflection, Giving feedback and assessment 3 minutes working and benevolent asks each pupil to write an instruction on a sheet and stick it on the blackboard, then names and comments marks write instructions on sheets, then stick on the blackboard, listen to the comments of the marks they’ve got for the lesson
As a whole 45 minutes
Giving hometask Ex 1-3 p 46

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