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Class 10 “b”. Theme: TOBETS.
The objectives of the lesson: to improve all communicative skills,
to develop critical thinking,
to teach the students to be real friends.

1. Organization moment: (teacher in a bad mood)
What date is it today? What day of the week is it today? What season is it now?
What is your opinion about the beginning of the lesson? What do you feel?
What can you say about my mood? Is it important to recognize people’s emotions, feelings? Yes, of course, they help us to understand someone’s inner world. Forgive me please for such beginning of the lesson.
2. Warm up: (релаксация – визуализация о прощении, classical music)
Let’s relax. Shut your eyes, listen to my voice and do my commands. Relax. Breath in, breath out. Think about nothing. Look into your heart. May be there are some offences, injuries, try to forgive everybody and everything. Imagine those who have offended you and say them: “I forgive you, I forgive everybody”, imagine those whom you have offended and ask them: “Forgive me please”.
Today we’ll speak about friendship, practice in Grammar (The Past Simple and the Past Perfect).
3. Read the text. Share your opinions use the expressions of agreement or disagreement.
(Senator George Graham Vest, of Missouri) "The one absolutely unselfish friend that a man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog.
Dogs have shared their lives with humans for at least 14,000 years and possibly much longer. During those millennia dogs have been man's helper, protector, and companion.
How many stories, films TV programmes or cartoons do you know that involve dogs?
4. Checking home – task: are these proverbs suitable for the home text? Why?
A friend in Need is a friend indeed.
A friend is easier lost than found.
(Continue to talk about emotions) – it is necessary to control yourself, it is better to think first and then speak or do something.
5. Pre-reading. The theme of our lesson is TOBETS.
(Predicting what the text will be about by using headlines, titles, pictures, etc.)
Tobets of Kazakhastan. – what is this text about?
(Questions to focus students on particular aspects of the text.)
Do you like dogs?
Why do you think Kazakh nomads needed big dogs?
Please guess, what information can you find in this text
Go over new vocabulary: Gentle - …., Goats – …., To nod – …..
6. Reading
(Students read individually only 2 minutes.)
Teacher: Ask me the reading & translation of some words.
-What is the unexpected information? (the dialogue between two dogs)
(Remember: when reading as a class, be sure to ask questions that test your students understanding of the text.)
- Put one opened question & one closed question.)
7. Post reading activities: RUNNING DICTATION:
A “Running Dictation” is a competition among pairs of students to determine which of them can write a text or a passage without making mistakes. The text is fixed on the board, and the students have to run back and forth to finish writing it down.
For thousands of years, TOBETS were very important to the nomads of Kazakhstan. These very big Kazakh dogs were as fast as the horses and strong enough to kill wolves. But they were friendly and gentle with children. They protected sheep, goats, and cattle at night, and wolves feared them.
Please, describe this dog.
10. Home task Presentation about different types of dogs.
11. The end of the lesson: conclusion – write what was useful for you.
Marks for the lesson.
Psychological exercise: “The Candel”
Make a circle. Shut your eyes, look into your hearts, they are full of love to everybody and to everything. Feel, your love becomes stronger and stronger. Take your neighbours’ hands, imagine that there are candles in your hands, your love makes them to burn, but they are not hurting your hands, they are only warming them up, feel your friends love. We have got our neighbours’ love and sincere affection.
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