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Which room do you like? -

Which room do you like?

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Theme: Which room do you like?
The aims of the lesson:
1.Educational:To extend pupils knowledge about “there is ”and “there are”. To explain their using in sentences. To study the new theme, new words and practice them in pupils speech.
2.Developing:To develop pupils skills and habits in understanding, reading and oral speech.
3.Bringing – up: to bring-up pupils to be attentive, to write neatly and to call the pupils to keep fit.

The type of the lesson: Mixed
The kind of the lesson: Competition
Connection of the lesson: Kazakh
Method of teaching: question-answer, match, work with groups, games.
Visual aids: pictures, cards, books.

Procedure of the lesson
I.Organization moment.

1. Make greeting.
- Good afternoon, pupils!
- Good afternoon, teacher!
-Thank you pupils! Sit down.
2. Report of the pupil on duty.
3. Checking up homework Exercise-6

II Introduction, explanation of new material.

Today we'll speak about home. You'll tell about your houses and flats. You'll describe your rooms. We'll speak about the rooms which would you like to have. And today we will review the grammar “There is; There are ” We will describe rooms with prepositions of place .
Okay, children write down the date and the new theme. Today is the 13th of February. Today is the Wednesday.
Are you ready? Let’s start our lesson.
III consolidation with new words
There are new words upon the theme on the board. Then we will read these new words with pronunciation.
Okay, children repeat all these words after me
to listen [’lɪsən] - тыңдау
to wash [wɒʃ] - кір жуу
to drink [drink] - ішу
to relax [ri’lәеks] - демалу
to talk [tok] - сөйлеу
to learn [lɜ:rn] - жаттау
in the middle [midl] - ортасында
to watch [wɒtʃ] - көру
to read [rid] - оқу
to wash up [wɒʃ ap] - ыдыс жуу
a floor [flo:] – еден
Okay, pupils read these new words one by one. Now, weite tese new words on your vocabulary .
IV Practice
Everybody look at the board you can see pictures of the rooms.
T: Tell me please how many rooms on the board?
- There are 4 rooms
T:Yes, right. Everybody look at the 1st picture . Which room's this?
- This is a living room
T: Right – Is this a bedroom ?
- Yes, it is
T: Do you like this bedroom? Why?
- Yes, I like because it is comfortable and clean.
T: Is this a kitchen? Describe this room
- Yes, it is. This is a kitchen. This is a cupboard in the kitchen. This is a table next to the cupboard. There are some fruits and two glasses on the table.
T: Is children’s room modern?
- Yes, it is. The children’s room is modern.
T: Are there toys in the room?
- Yes, there are. There are many toys.
T: How many windows in the room
- One window. The room is clean and large.
T: Excellent for everyone. You know how to use construction “ there is; there are” in sentences.
Okay, students answer the my next questions.
- Do you know different between home and house?
Remember it!!!

Okay, write down English proverb on your notebooks about home
“East or West - home is best ”
V relaxation moment
-So, pupils I would like divide you into two groups. Do you like fruit?
-Yes, we like fruit.
- I like fruit.
-Why do you like fruit?
-We like fruits, because they are sweet. There are many vitamins.
-If you like fruit I’ll give their names. The first group is “Apples” and the second group is “Grapes”.
I’ll give you tasks and each right answer you’ll take pictures of apples and grapes. Exercise 2 for the first group and exercise 4 for the second group. You have 5 minutes. Let’s start.

Exercise 2. What do you do in the kitchen?
I have breakfast
I cook dinner
I wash up dishes

Exercise 4 What do you do in your living room?
I read books. I read newspapers. I watch television.
The two groups are excellent. Your points are equal.

VI reading, speaking and writing

Exercise 3. Remember !!!
A living room: a sofa, an armchair, a television, a carpet, a plant;
A kitchen: a sink, a cupboard, a table;
A bathroom: a toilet, a sink, a bath;
A bedroom: a bed, a window, a computer;
Exercise 5 Which room do you like?
I like my room because I relax in my room.
VII Evolution
Teacher: Thank you to all of you. Write down your home task.
Home work: exercise 6 page 124.
Your marks for today’s lesson: P1 – excellent, P2 – good, P3 – satisfactory, etc.
Stand up! The lesson is over. You are free. Good bye!
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