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“Whose T-shirt is this?” -

“Whose T-shirt is this?”

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Class: 5
Theme: “Whose T-shirt is this?”
Type of the lesson: traditional
1. “These, those”сілтеу есімдігін оқушыларға түсіндіру;
2. Жаңа сөздерді оқытуға байланысты оқушылардың сөздік қорын және сөз мәнерін байытуға, дамытуға көмектесу;
3. Оқушыларға ағылшынша бір-бірінен “whose” сұрағын айтқызып сұрауға үйрету
Equipments of the lesson: cards, tape-recorder
Procedure of the lesson:
1. Organization moment:
- Good afternoon, children!
- Good afternoon, teacher!
- How are you?
- We are great! And you?
- I’m fine. Who is on duty today?
- I’m …
- What date is it today?
- Who is absent today?
- All are present!
- Thank you, sit down.
2. Phonetic exercise
One, two, three, four, five,
I caught a fish alive.
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
I let him go again.
O-U-T spells out goes you!
3 .Checking home task
- What was your homework?
- Ex 8, 9, 10 P 52
4. Explanation of new theme
Boys and girls, listen to me. Today our theme is called “Whose T-shirt is this?” And I will explain grammar rule demonstrative pronoun “these, those”.

These – мыналар(көпше түрде жақында тұрған нәрсені көрсетуге арналады) These are pens.
These are tables.
Those – аналар (көпше түрде алыста тұрған нәрсені көрсетуге арналады) Those are bags
Those are rubbers


Reading and listening skills:
Exercise 1. Talk to your friend
Mrs. Evans: Colin, whose T-shirt is this? Is it yours or Carol’s?
Colin: It’s not mine, it’s Carol’s.
Mrs. Evans: And whose jeans are these? Are they yours, Carol?
Colin: Mine? No, they aren’t mine, they’re Colin’s.

It’s – it is
They’re – they are


Exercise 6. Write. Fill in the blanks.
1. This ______ Colin’s T-shirt.
2. These ______ Carol’s roller-skates.
3. This is Mr. Evans’ _____________
4. These are Mrs. Evans’ __________
5. These jeans ________ Carol’s, _________ are Colin’s.
6. This pullover isn’t Colin’s. __________ is Mr. Evans’.


It’s My
Their sweater

They’re jeans

Now, we will sing the song which is called Blue is the sea.

Blue is the sea,
Green is the grass,
White are the clouds
As they slowly pass.
Black are the crows,
Brown are the trees,
Red are the sails
Of a ship in the breeze.

- O’K, boys and girls, you sang the song very good.
5 . Conclusion
- Did you understand new theme?
- Did you like the theme?
- Have you got any questions?
6. Evaluation.
I put “5” for…
I put “4” for …
- You are clever guys! You worked very good!
7 . Hometask
Ex 6, 7, 8 P 55

- The lesson is over!
- Good bye, see you later!
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