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. A lucky chance game («Счастливый случай»)
- Ladies and gentlemen! Dear friends!
It has become an important tradition to come together for the competition between our children.
It’s my honour and duty to declare our lucky chance game open. I think we should create a friendly atmosphere and give the floor to our guests. 3 teams will take part in it. Let’s greet them.
• So , the first task is to greet our teams ( to make names for commands, mottoes, emblems, to tell about yourself )

• The second task is to make as many words as you can of the next word: ADVERTISEMENT

• Now, you should try to find the hidden words among these letters what are the English equivalents for Russian words: слон, крокодил, обезьяна, козел, лиса, свинья, корова, лошадь, овца, волк.

a f w e p h c o w r e l k s b c
s r o a n a i w s t c h o r s e
o w e l e p h a n t y b g f p u
u n o f o x w i p z w o l f p u
r e a r s i c g o a t o x w i p
c r o c o d i l e a r s i c g w
t a p m o n k e y m s a d i m f
d s t o r s h e e p k e a w a h

• Next , find the rhyme for the word and read the poem correctly:
My Teddy’s furis soft and brown
His legs are short and fat,
He walks with me all round the town
And wears a … ( nose, hat, tree )

F is for fish
Swimming in the sea
I wish for a gold fish
To come back to … ( her, them, me )

Q is for Queen
Whom I’ve never seen
She is like a star
So high and … ( low, far, red )
• Choose the right form of the adjective:
1) East or west home is … ( good, better, best )
2) The giraffe’s neck is … ( long, longer, the longest ) than the elephant’s neck.
3) Who is ( small, smaller, the smallest ) in your class?
4) The weather is … ( bad, worse, the worst ) today than yesterday.
5) I think this book is … ( interesting, more interesting, the most interesting ).
• Tell, what is true, and what is false:
1) We live on the moon.
2) “A” is the first letter of the alphabet.
3) There are 12 months in a year.
4) In the North it often snows.
5) In Great Britain summer begins in June.
6) It often rains in winter .
7) We have breakfast in the evening.
8) We wear warm clothes when it is cold.
9) Fox is a wild animal.
10) Hares eat meat and fish.
• The next task is called “Magic Bag”. I will take out different things from the bag ( a ball, a picture, a flower, a toy and others) which you should characterize and say what is it?
I invite here the participants from the first group. Please, describe the object from the “Magic bag”.

• Now I tell you the riddles which are liked by everybody. Guess these riddles and you have a chance to receive some more stars.
1) Which is the shortest month of the year (May)
2) An old woman has 12 children, some long, some short, some cold, some hot (year, month )
3) It is white. It is cold. It is sweet. Children like it very much( ice-cream )
4) His face is round. His eyes are blue. He has a long nose. He has got a father, but he hasn’t got a mother. (Buratino)
5) What is faster than the wind (thought)
6) She is attractive. Her hair is long and blue. She is the prettiest girl in the world. (Malvina)
7) He lives in a forest. He is the king of the jungle because he is very strong. What is it? (a lion)
8) Red or rosy
In summer I grow
I’m a fine flower
Is all you know. (a rose)
• Next task is to make right proverbs of the following words :
1) is, the bush,two, a bird, worth, in , the hand,in
(a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush)
2) the iron, it, strike, is, while, hot
( strike the iron, while it is hot )
3) the candle, is , worth, game, not
(game is not worth the candle)
• And the last task for you is to answer these questions:
1) What is the capital of the United Kingdom? (London)
2) What food is traditional at Christmas? (roast turkey)
3) When is Halloween celebrated? ( October, 31)
4) Who is Agatha Christe? ( a detective story writer)
5) Where did the great Fire of London begin : in the house of the king’s butcher or the King’s baker ( in the house of the King’s baker)
6) Give the Russian equivalent of the English proverb “An English man’s house is his castle” («Дом англичанина – его крепость»)
7) When is April Fool’s Day celebrated? (April, 1)
8) What is the name of the biggest clock in London? (Big Ben)
9) When do English children go from house to house and say “Trick or treat”? (on Halloween)
10) What is celebrated on February,14 ? (St. Valentine’s Day)
11) Where is Trafalgar Square? (in London)
12) When is Christmas celebrated in Britain? (on 25 December)

Now our jury tell your marks for your activities.
Good-bye , everybody, we enjoyed being your hosts for this evening. Thank you for attention
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