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. Theme: “Animals”
Aim: 1 Educational: To be able to speak about the animals and inhabitants to teach pupils to work creating and introduce new words, expressions according to the theme
2 Development: to develop pupils’speech in speaking, reading, writing,logical thinking
3 Upbringing: to bring them up to love the animals and to care of the nature

Type of the lesson: competition lesson

Equipment: pictures, interactive board, marking pictures
The plan of the lesson
Org. moment
T: Good afternoon children
I’m glad to see you.
Sit down please.
Who is on duty today?
Who is absent?
What date is it today?
What day is it today?
What was your hometask for today?
Are you ready?
Who wants?
Cheking hometask
T: Now, lets review our last new words
What English means carrot, potato, bread, milk, orange, banana, apple, fish, meat …

Phonetic drill
The animal alphabet (video 1)
New theme
T: The theme of our lesson is “Animals”
New words ( video2)
Sheep [ʃi:p]- қойлар
Pig [pɪɡ] -шошқа,доңыз
Monkey [ˈmʌŋkɪ-] маймыл
Dog [dɔg] -ит
Mouse [maʊs] -тышқан
Cat kæt] -мысық
Rabbit [ˈræbɪt] -қоян
Elephant [ˈelɪfənt]- піл
Lion [ˈlaɪən] -жолбарыс
Tiger [ˈtaɪgə] -тигр

Cow [kaʊ] - cиыр
Lets repeat after me all together Copy out on your vocabulary
T: The theme of our lesson is “Animals”
We have two teams. The 1st team is “Wild animals”.
The 2nd team is “Domestic animals”
Today we’ll speak about animals and do different tasks


Wild Domestic
T: Divide these words into two columns.
Now, who wants?
Sheep Pig Monkey Dog Mouse Cat Rabbit Elephant Lion Tiger Cow

Wild animals Do Domestic animals

T: Answer the questions.
(Жануарлардың суретін тиісті орнына қою керек)
1 It lives in the house. It likes fish. ( a cat )
2 It lives in the forest. It likes bananas. (a monkey)
3 It is very big and grey. (An elephant)
4 This animal likes grass. It is a domestic animal. It gives us milk. (a cow)
5 This animal lives at home or in the street. It is a man’s friend. (a dog)
T: The animals sound song (video 3)
T: It’s interesting to know.
I’ll give a new information about the animals’ ages, you should remember it.
How many years do animals live?
1 Rabbits – 5 years
2 Dogs — 15 years
3 Pigs – 25 years
4 Sheep – 12 years
5Horses – 30 years
6 Cats – 13 years

7 Cows -25 years
8 Camels — 40 years
And now say me please. How many years do cats live?
How many years do Sheep live?
Scrambled words
T: Who will be the first?
1 ogd-dog
2 gteir- tiger
3 woc-cow
4 bbarti- rabbit
5 shpee-sheep
6 helenpta- elephant
7 keynom- monkey
8 gip- pig
T: Conclusion
I give you ball and you must translate the words
Example; мысық қой маймыл піл тигр т,б

Giving marks
Your marks are
Elephant Tiger Monkey
5 4 3

To learn by heart new words
Exercise:8 at page 31
Read and translate

The end
The lesson is over .
Good bye!

Gymnasium school

Open lesson

The theme of the lesson: “Animals”

Teacher: Sagibekova.G

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