Наставник - сайт Открытых уроков. Учителя Казахстана. Образование в Казахстане
. Thework-out of 9ә form
The theme: Art
I.objectives:1.to take new theme, to practice and review the vocabulary and grammar through doing different tasks
2.todevelop students` skills and habits in oral and written speech,toimprove their critical thinking,motivate and stimulate students to express their opinions
3.to bring up their interests ,respect each others` ideas and thoughts
The methods :group and individual work ,question and answers
The type:new lesson
Intersubjective :Kazakh,History,Music.

The outline of the lesson
I. Checking up home task
II. Presentation new lesson
III. Practice .Grammar
IV. Production .Text.
V. Conclusion
VI. Home work
VII. Marks
The procedure of the lesson
I. Organization moment
Greeting with the pupils
II.Checking up home task
Exercise 12 Retelling of the text”Musuems”
III. Brainstorming exercise
1.What is music?
2.What is cinema?
3.What is theatre?
4.What is painting?
5.What is taking photograph?
Yes,you are right pupils.All these activities we include to the art.Artis a discovery and development of elementary principles of nature into beautiful forms suitable for human use.
IV.Presentation of the new theme.
The theme of the lesson is “Art”

music theatre

painting collecting

V.Introduction of the grammar material.
Past Perfect Tense

Example: When he camein,shehad written her exercise.(+)
Had shewritten her exercise? (?)
She hadn’t written the exercise.(-)

TaskI Read the situations,the tick the right answer.

1.Two men delivered the bed.I had paid for it.Which came first,
a) the delivery b) the payment
2.The waiter brought our tea.We had already had our soup.Which came first,
a) the tea b) the soup
3.I had seen the film,so I read the book.Which came first,
a) read the book b) see the film
4.The film had ended,so I turned the TV off.Did I turn the TV off
a) after b) before the film ended
5.I had an invitation to the party,but I had planned a trip to the mountains.Which came first,
a) the invitation b)the planning for the trip
Task II Add a sentence with the Past Perfect.
1.Mary couldn’t get into the cinema.
(the film/ begin)
The film had already begun.
2.We got to the station ,but we were late.
(the train/just/go)
3.I didn’t have an umbrella,but I didn’t need it.
(the rain/ stop)
4.I was happy to see my aunt.
(not see/her/for a year)
5.My mum was pleased to see my room.
(just/ clean/ it)
6.My friend invited me to lunch yesterday,but I refused.
( already / eat / my hot -dog)
VI. Production.
Exercise 1page68 Text “Art”
Good reading of the text
VII. Video about “Art”
Task I.Answer the questions
1. What kind of ideas does art give people?
2.Do we have to go somewhere to find art?
3.Where is art?
Task II.Translation:
1 Өнер.3 минутқа немесе көп жылдарға созылады.
2.Өнер ол барлық жерде –көшелерде,кинотеатрларда,теледидарда.
3.Өмір әдемірек,үлкенірек және жақсырақ.
4.Біз музейге,өнер галлереяларына өнерді табу үшін баруымыздың қажеті жоқ.
Task III.Key words to summarize the text

1.Ideas 2.Enjoy art 3.Everywhere 4.Last

Task IV.Game: “Who likes What?”
Answer the following questions
1. What is your favourite type of art?
2.Why do you like?
VI. Home work Exercise 7.page 68(retell)
Exercise 8.page 69(write)

Скачать методички (классные уроки) для учителей по разным предметам: история, литература, физика. Как провести урок с учеником, вам поможет грамотно составленный план урока. Занятия по математике, литературе, физике, информатике, химии, психологии.