Наставник - сайт Открытых уроков. Учителя Казахстана. Образование в Казахстане
. Grade: 10
Date: 08.12.2015
The theme of the out-class activity: Brain-ring
The aim of the lesson: To enrich students' knowledge; to consolidate their active vocabulary; to develop communicative skills and group work; to bring up respect and love to country studying states and to their Motherland.
The type of the lesson: Intellectual game
The form of the lesson: group work.
The methods of working: Warm-up, question – answer, reflection.
Inter subject connection: Kazakh, Geography, Literature, History.
The visual aids: Computer, IB, presentations, questions, tasks
Objectives: at the end of the lesson the pupils will be able to:
• speak about Great Britain, the USA and Kazakhstan.
• use thematically vocabulary in oral speech.
• develop their speaking and listening skills.
Tasks Actions of teacher Actions of students
Org. moment: Greetings They greet the teacher.
Warm – up: Greeting: How do you do!
I wish good luck in everything and everywhere
Учащиеся поочередно касаются одноименных пальцев рук своего соседа, начиная с больших пальцев и говорят:
• желаю (соприкасаются большими пальцами);
• успеха (указательными);
• большого (средними);
• во всём (безымянными);
• и везде (мизинцами);
• Здравствуйте! (прикосновение всей ладонью)
They speak about their mood before the game.
Division of students into 3 groups: With the help of flags of different countries:
Great Britain, the USA and Kazakhstan.
They are divided into 3 groups.
The 1st round:
Policy. a) Great Britain:
The full name of GB - The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
What is the capital of GB? – London.
Who is the head of the country? – The Queen Elizabeth II
Who is the Prime – Minister of GB now?- David Cameron
Who lives in Buckingham palace? - The Queen Elizabeth
b) the USA:
In which state is Washington situated? - DC
What is the residence of the president of the USA? – The White House.
How many rooms have the White House? - 132
How many states are there in the USA? – 50+
The American President during the World War II? – Franklin Roosevelt
c) Kazakhstan
The official name of our state? – The Republic of Kazakhstan.
How many regions are there in our KZ? - 14
Name the outstanding Kazakh statesman who had been the first secretary of the Communist Party for many years? – D. Kunayev.
What events in KZ we consider as the 1st sign of democracy? - The national emblem, anthem and flag.
Who is the head of our West Kazakhstan Region? – N.Nogayev.
They answer the questions in turn.
The 2nd round:
Geography. Great Britain: Name the three parts of GB – England, Scotland and Wales. Name the capitals of these three parts - London, Edinburgh, Cardiff. Name the river on which London stands – The Thames. Name 5 English-Speaking countries – The UK, the USA, Australia, Canada, new Zealand. Name a mountainous part of GB – Scotland. The USA: What is the largest river in the USA? – The Mississippi. Which is the biggest state in the USA? – Alaska. In which city is Hollywood? – Los Angeles, California. What is the name of the American flag? – Stars and Stripes. Where was Coca-Cola invented? – Atlanta. Kazakhstan: Where is our state Kazakhstan situated? – Eurasian continent or Central Asia. Name 5 main zones in Kazakhstan? – Northern, Eastern, Central, Western, Southern. Name the national resources of West Kazakhstan – oil, gas, ores and minerals. When was the presentation of Astana? – In 1998. Name the total area of Kazakhstan – 2,724,900 sq. km. They answer the questions in turn.
The 3rd round:
History. Great Britain:
Name the British admiral, who won victory over the French squadron – Lord Nelson.
What kind of state is the United Kingdom? – a constitutional monarchy.
A red dragon is the symbol of which country? – Wales.
The Great Fire of London took place in … - 1666.
When did Scotland join to England and Wales? – 1707.
The USA:
Name the American presidents who were killed – Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, James Garfield.
Who discovered America? – Christopher Columbus.
What city is famous for its skyscrapers in the USA? – New York.
What is the seat of the US Congress in Washington, DC? – The Capitol.
What was the name of the ship which left England for America in 1620? – Mayflower.
Who united the Kazakhs in one nation? – Abylai-khan.
Who was a scientist, traveler and poet? – Ch. Valikhanov
Name the outstanding 3 judges of the Kazakh steppe – Tole-bi, Kazbek-bi and Aiteke –bi.
Name Kazakh batyrs who fought for independence and freedom? – Makhambet Utemisov, Esatai Taimanov.
When do we celebrate our Independence Day? – December, 16.

They answer the questions in turn.
The 4th round:
Literature. Great Britain:
A legendary hero of English literature – Robin Hood.
She was the great master of detective stories – Agatha Christie.
“To be or not to be?” that is the question of – Hamlet.
The birthplace of William Shakespeare – Stratford – upon – Avon. Robinson Crusoe met his friend … on the island – Friday.
The USA:
A famous American writer who wrote a book about a very clever dog – Jack London, “Brown Wolf”
Tom Sawyer had to whitewash the – fence.
The author of “Last leaf” is – James Aldridge.
Uncle Tom, the main hero of the novel “Uncle Tom's Cabin” was – a slave.
The American writer whose surname is the name of the capital – Washington Irving.
Name the author of the novel “Az i A- O. Suleimenov.
Who wrote the epic novel “Abai zholy”? – M.Aueyzov.
Who translated Pushkin's novel “Dubrovsky” for the Kazakhs? – Sh. Kudaibergenov.
Our Uralsk writer, who writes his novels in Russian? – Gabbasov.
Name the well-known Kazakh writer, poet, interpreter and philosopher – Abai Kunanbayev.
They answer the questions in turn.
Reflection: Basket of ideas: Students will write on the sheets of paper their opinions about the game, then they put them into the basket. Teacher will read some of it.
They write their ideas about the game.
Скачать методички (классные уроки) для учителей по разным предметам: история, литература, физика. Как провести урок с учеником, вам поможет грамотно составленный план урока. Занятия по математике, литературе, физике, информатике, химии, психологии.