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“Countries and nationalities. Languages ”. -

“Countries and nationalities. Languages ”.

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. The theme: “Countries and nationalities. Languages ”.
The aim: a) educational aim is being focused on developing and reinforcing
students` listening, speaking and writing skills.

b) development aim is focused on their ability to know about the
countries , nationalities and their languages in the world. To give new
information on the theme.

c) upbringing aim has its focus on forming a friendly respect to other
nationalities and a deeply love to their Motherland.
Visual aids: Activboard, CD disk, Messages book 3, phlifchard.
The methods: Ask-answer questions, explanations, vocabulary, discussion
Type of the lesson: New Information
Procedure of the lesson:
I. Introduction . Org. moment:
a) Greeting
b) Attendance
II. Presentation:
a) Brainstorming questions:
- How many countries are there in the world? (205)
- How many main lands are there in our planet? (6)
- what country do you live in? (Kazakhstan)
- Is your country in Asia? (Yes, it is)
- What`s your nationality ? (Kazakh)
- What`s the largest country in the world? (the USA)
- What`s the smallest country in the world? (Vatican)
- Where do Chinese live? (Chine)
- Do people live in Antarctic? (No, they do not)
Let`s play the game: “Geography”
The rule of the game is simple. You must name of a country with any capital letter of the alphabet.
For example: The letter “A” – Afghanistan, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan etc.
The first group chooses the letter and the second group answers.
The first group: The second group:

Match the countries with the nationalities
Country Nationality
1. Kazakhstan a. Polish
2. Britain b. Australian
3. Canada c. French
4. Italy d. British
5. Argentina e. Greek
6. Mexico f. American
7. Spain g. Canadian
8. Japan h. Argentinian
9. The USA i. Spanish
10. Poland j. Mexican
11. Australia k. Japanese
12. Greece l. Russian
13. Russia m. Italian
14. France n. Kazakh

III. Explanation of the new lesson:
1. Introduction with the guest.
2. Reading a puzzle: what`s her name? (workbook at page 4)
live in Paris walks to school has lunch at home likes art

Let`s cheer up our guest from a foreign country.
Let me introduce him. His name is Gustav.
Gustav: Poland is a large country in Central Europe. It has a population of about forty million. Polish is the main language. The capital is Warsaw which is quite a modern city. Two other important cities are Gdansk and Krakow. Krakow is a great place to go on Holiday because it`s near the Tatra mountains and you can go walking or skiing. In my Opinion Polish food is great! We eat a lot of meat and potatoes but there are good vegetables soups as well. People used to live in traditional wooden houses but a lot of people live in flats now. In their free time Polish people like gardening so many houses have wonderful gardens.
I think that Poland is a fantastic country!
Welcome to Kazakhstan!
Hi! My name is Asel and I`m from Astana, in Kazakhstan.
I like my city. There are a lot of things to see. One of my favourite places is Duman Entertainment Centre. It has a big aquarium with over 2,000 sea animals. There is special show where they feed the sharks. It`s really scary! There is also a 4D theatre. Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre is amazing. It`s 150 metres tall and it looks like a huge tent. There is a great swimming pool inside with a beach – I love going there with my friends. There are also shops and cafes, a cinema, a mini golf course and even a monorail!
Another of my favourite places is the Presidential Centre of Culture. It`s a very big museum in Astana. You can learn a lot about Kazakh culture and history there. You can see traditional Kazakh knives, carpets, coins and furniture. There`s also a big library.

IV. Conclusion of new lesson:
Complete the sentences. Work with the cards.
Aristangaly Ali: He is British. He comes from……..
She is Italian. She lives in…….
Ibatov Koblan; He has born in Chine. He is…..
He is German. He was born in….
Mansurova Tanzila: Mr. and Mrs Carter come from the USA. They are…
He comes from India. He is…..
Munaitpashev Kajimukan: She was born in Russia. She is….
My girl-friend is……. She was born in France.
Nasieva Ainash; She is Spanish. She comes from…….
My boy-friend comes from Japan. He is….
Nasibullina Milena: My pen-friend lives in Italy. He is…..
Colin lives in England. He is…..
Rakhmetov Shingis: Asel comes from Kazakhstan. She is……
Nina and Dima live in Russia. They are….
Sapargaly Akbota: Deniz speaks Turkish. She comes from….
Fransya speaks French. He is……
Tuleshov Adilbek: He is Pole. He speaks….
My pal-friend`s sister Greek. She is….

V. Back round connections: Level tasks
I. Level task. Complete the sentences

II. Level task. Name the flags of these countries.

III. Level task. Match colours with the names of the countries.

Orange Dark blue
Light blue
Green Yellow

VI. Listening.
Listen to the text and find the verbs in Present Continuous and present simple tenses. Close your book and listen to the text about Ana. What`s she thinking about?
When she`s at home in Veracruz, Ana usually starts the day with some chilaquiles and a hot chocolate. She always has breakfast with her sister Clara, and they talk about their plans for the day.
Now, of course, everything`s different. At the moment she`s sitting in the kitchen with her English family, the Grants. She`s having a cup of coffee and a piece of toast. The Grants always have coffee and toast for breakfast. It`s raining outside and the Grants are talking about the weather again. But Ana isn`t listening. She`s looking at the rain and she`s thinking about her sister, at home in Veracruz

VII. Technology of Evaluation. ( children, teacher is giving marks each other)

VIII. Giving up hometask
Exercise: 1 page 4. (Use words for countries and nationalities)

Bitikskaya universal secondary school-kindergarten.

English teacher: Zhaubatyrova Ayakoz Sarsenbaevna.

2012-2013 year.
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