Наставник - сайт Открытых уроков. Учителя Казахстана. Образование в Казахстане
. Сынып: 7 А
Сабақтың тақырыбы: Дәрігерде
Мақсаты: Оқушыларға ауру аттары, ауру белгілерін және оны емдеу жолдарын
айтуды ағылшын тілінде үйрету (1 минут)
Міндеттері: Ауызша сөйлеуге дағдыландыру
Ақыл-кеңес беруде «should» демеулігін қолдануды үйрету
Жазбаша сауаттылығына көңіл бөлу
Салауатты өмір салтын насихаттау
Сабақ әдісі: Аралас
Сабақ типі: Жаңа сабақ
Пәнаралық байланыс: биология
Көрнекілігі: интерактивті тақта, электронды оқулық, плакаттар, маркерлер, кеспе

Procedure of the lesson: ( 2 минут )
I Org. moment: Good afternoon, dear pupils! How are you? Are you ready for the lesson?
Absence/ presence Date/ day
2 . Checking homework ( 5 минут )
Your homework was to make conversations about health

3. Brainstorming ( 2 минут )

Match the sentences

When people have a toothache don’t drink coffee or tea

When people have a cold take some aspirin

When people have a temperature go to the dentist

When people are tired call a doctor

When people have a headache drink warm milk with honey

Wnen they have insomnia go to bed early and rest

Pupils, how do you think, what about will be our lesson? ( 2 минут )

Yes, our new theme is named “At the doctor’s”

4. Pre-reading task Let’s learn some new words from the blackboard and remember
the difficult words you can meet in the story. ( 2 минут )

fell ill blood pressure
temperature case of the flu
sore throat prescription for a gargle
splitting headache cough medicine
ached followed
examined my lungs instructions
felt my pulse tablespoonful of mixture

5. While listening to the text you need to complete the chart ( 10 минут )
Complete the chart

Season _______________________

6. Listen to the speaker and read notes from Michael’s diary.
January 10, 2013
It’s winter now. We are in Canada. It’s often cold here. So a week ago I suddenly fell ill. It
was just after the New Year Party. I had a high temperature, a running nose, and a sore
throat. Also I had a splitting headache and a cough. My whole body ached. Mom told me to
stay in bed and called for a doctor. The doctor examined my lungs, felt my pulse and blood
pressure, took my temperature. He said it was a light case of the flu and told me to have a
rest. He wrote a prescription for a gargle and cough medicine. I followed all the doctors
instructions. Every day I took a tablespoonfull of mixture 3 times a day and some pills. In
three days I was better and I have almost recovered by now.

Task 1 – have you completed the chart. Please, read
Task 2 – Repeat the new words

7. Can you explain what’s wrong with people? What is doctor doing? ( 4 минут )

A high temperature is writing a prescription
Is examining the throat is taking temperature
Is taking blood pressure a splitting headache
Is examining lungs a running nose

8. Michael poured some water onto his diary. Help him to get back missing words. ( 7 минут )

January 10, 2013
It’s winter now. We are in Canada. It’s often cold here. So a week ago I suddenly _______.
It was just after the New Year Party. I had a high _________________, a running nose and
a ________________. Also I had a __________________ and a ___________. My whole body
____________. Mom told me to stay in bed and called for a doctor. The doctor ___________,
_______________________ and _________________________, _______________________.
He said it was a light _____________________ and told me to have a rest. He wrote
________________________ and __________________. I _________________all the doctors
___________________. Every day I took a ________________________ 3 times a day and
some ___________. In three days I was better and I have almost ______________________
by now.

Words we need: fell ill, temperature, sore throat, splitting headache, cough, ached, examined
my lungs, felt my pulse, blood pressure, took my temperature, case of the flu,
prescription for a gargle, cough medicine, followed, instructions,
tablespoonful of mixture, pills, recovered.

9. FOLLOW-UP. Work with groups. ( 7 минут )
Pupils, you should divide into two groups. The 1st group is named “Patients” and they should
write symptoms for some illnesses. The 2nd group is named “Doctors” and they should make
a diagnoses and write a prescription.


Illnesses Symptoms


Illnesses Diagnosis, treatment

10. Conclusion of the lesson. Checking pupils’ progress. ( 5 минут )
1. Fill in the gaps: pre___ription
a) Prescription
b) Prescription
c) Preccription
d) Prescription
2. Choose the correct name for a group of words: high temperature, running nose, sore throat.
a) Disease
b) Symptoms
c) Headache
d) Medicine
3. You should follow all the doctor’s _________________
a) Recover
b) Aches
c) Lungs
d) Instructions
4. Doctor, can I make a cough medicdine____________?
a) Yourself
b) Itself
c) Myself
d) Themselves
5. Find the mistake in the sentence and choose its correct variant: Are these your pills? – No, they are not myself.
a) No, they are myself
b) No, they are not my
c) No, they are not mine.
d) No, they are not me.
6. Put the words in the right order. Make up a sentence:
felt lungs pressure the doctor my and blood.
a) Doctor felt my the blood and lungs pressure
b) The doctor felt my lungsand blood pressure
c) The doctor and my lungs felt my blood pressure
7. Find the right question to the answer.
Getting better, thanks
a) Where are you?
b) How are you?
c) Who are you?
d) When are you?
11. Your mark is excellent! ( 3 минут )
12. Home Assignment:
Write a prescription for a patient

The lesson is over! Good-bye!
Скачать методички (классные уроки) для учителей по разным предметам: история, литература, физика. Как провести урок с учеником, вам поможет грамотно составленный план урока. Занятия по математике, литературе, физике, информатике, химии, психологии.