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М.Әуезов мектеп-гимназиясы
Арыс ,ОҚО

The theme of the lesson: "Do you like music?"

The aims of the lesson:

1. To check the knowledge of pupils of English language. To develop the abilities to speak English, creative abilities of pupils. To teach the pupils to be able to discuss, to find expression in any situation.
2. To teach the pupils to read the poems expressively, to be able to play the scenes with the emotions and also with good pronunciation.
3. To develop children’s memory, love of arts, music and working.
4. To teach children to be attentive, kind and polite, to bring up feelings of friendship and respect for the English speaker countries.
5. To develop pupils’ interest for learning English language, to improve pronunciation skills and abilities;
Educational:Speaking about music and to discuss the arts in monologues and dialogues.
Developing:To develop students logical thinking, creative abilities and vocabulary.
Bringing up:To love of nature, arts and music.
The equipments: computer, interactive board, illustrated pictures, video material, songs.

The objectives of the lesson:
a. Summarize the received knowledge about music.
b. Broaden the horizons of the students, develop memory, attention.
c. Development of creative abilities.
d. Ability to work in a team (in groups).
e. Development of all kinds of speech activity (listening, reading, speaking, writing).
The type of the lesson: non-standard

The procedure of the lesson:
I.Organisation moment(3m)
A) Greeting. Teacher Saule : - Good morning boys and girls and dear our guests. I’m glad to see you here today. You are welcome!
b) Dialogue with the duty.

- Who is on duty today?
- What date is it today? - What day is it today? - What season is it now?
c) Making a good atmosphere in the class.
Pupils will stand in a circle and say each other wishes. They will use a teddy-bear.
d) Dividing into groups
Teacher Saule: Dear children! Today we have a demonstrative lesson. And so be more active. Listen to the music.
Now, I am going to divide the class into 2 groups. First, close your eyes, relax and listen to music attentively, then choose one of the listened music you like.
After choosing music pupils will be divided into 2 groups. (Pupils will listen to the song of Kazakh singers Berkut and Aisha, then the song “ You are beautiful” of Array )
- Do you know who the singer is?
- Who wrote the words of this piece of poetry to music?
- So , can you guess the theme of the lesson ? (pupils will give different answers)
- Yes, you are right. Today we shall speak about music.
- The theme of the lesson is "Do you like music?"

III. Brainstorming.Video-message (5m)
Teacher Gulnur: Boys and girls! We’ve just got a video-message from your friends. Now let’s watch it, OK?
A video-message: Hello, my dear, friends!
My name is Berik. I am a pupil of the 5 B class. I want to ask you a question : What is music? What is the importance of music? And what music do you like? I wish you good luck! Thanks a lot.
Ойлан, Бірік, Бөліс
Оқушылар видео-хабарламаны көреді. Оқушылар ойына келген жауаптарды немесе идеяларды барынша көп жазады (Ойлан). Одан кейін олар өз идеяларын әріптестерімен біріктіреді (Бірік) және соңында бүкіл сыныптың идеяларын талқылауды бастайды,яғни бөліседі (Бөліс).
Teacher: Now, what is music, what can you say about music?
Student 1: Music is a life.
People cannot live without music. They listen to music, they dance to music, and they learn to play musical instruments. Music is a life.
Student 2: Music is pleasure.
If you want to relax or have a rest ,we listen to music and relax. A lot of people who cannot play any musical instruments love to listen to music either at home or at a concert.
Student 3: Music is a soul.
Everybody has a heart and soul. I think music is the voice of the soul.
Student 4: Music is a language.
Through songs ,when we listen to music or when we sing a song we learn English, Korean,Russian languages.
Student 5: Music is emotions.
Music helps me to create emotions, when I am happy or sad, angry or tired.
Student 6: Music is mood.
For me, music is a way to relax. After school, when I listen to music, can change my mood, Music can make me happier when I’m having a good day.
Student 7: Music is a future.
I always dream about my future, when I listen to music.
Student 8: Music is a fantasy.
I like to imagine that I am singing or performing some of my favourite songs in front of the audience, and they love me, they love listening to my music.
Teacher Gulnur : Yes, you are right. At our lesson today we are going to speak about music, because people can't live without music. Can you think of a day without music? “Oh, that’s impossible” you may say. Of course, you are right. We can hear music everywhere: in the streets, in the shops, in the parks, in the cars, at the disco, on TV, in your mobile phone, over the radio even in the forest. But in the forest, of course, it is better to listen to birds singing and other natural sounds like the wind in the trees.
So, music helps us to live and I am sure that many, many years ago people listened to music too. Music is a part of our lives. In their free time people often listen to music and sing. I listen to music in the evening after my working day. I listen to music over the radio, retro FM and my favorite groups are Zhigitter, Muzart,Keshyou and my favorite singers are Madina Saduakasova, Kairat Nurtas,Kairat Kuntekov. And what about you?
Teacher Saule : You know, I am very satisfied with your answers now.You are very active ,you are very clever boys and girls. I am so happy having such smart pupils! Thank you very much!
But ,one thing you mustn’t forget and must remember:
IV.Video presentation(8m)
“We are the world, we are the children”
The power of music
-Now, I am going to show you a video about importance of Music. After watching the video you will understand that Music is the uniter, Music can change the world, because it can change people.
V. Pupils’ creative work.
Group work
The 1 team’s work is to make up a dialogue,to interview a pop star and sing a song.
The 2 team’s work is to make a parody to a pop group and sing a song.


I learnt….
I liked…
It was easy….
It was difficult….
I want to ….
In the first column you should write what have you learned about music? In the second colomn you may write your questions, what you want to know. And in the third colomn at the end of the lesson you must write what information you have known today.
I learnt… I want to ….. I knew….

What do you want to know about music?
Students: - I want to know about composers.
- I want to know about musical instruments.
- I want to know about singers, musicians.
- I want to perform like real singers,musicians at the concerts.
- I want to meet real singers,musicians.
- I want to interview a famous pop-star.
- I want to be like real singers and musicians.
VII.Evaluation (2m)
Скачать методички (классные уроки) для учителей по разным предметам: история, литература, физика. Как провести урок с учеником, вам поможет грамотно составленный план урока. Занятия по математике, литературе, физике, информатике, химии, психологии.