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. Subject: English
Grade: 10 A
The theme: Her Majesty the Queen
The aim: -to develop the student’s abilities in speaking on the theme;
- to enrich student’s knowledge concerning the theme;
- to develop critical thinking through creative tasks;
- to develop communicative skills in speaking, reading and writing.
The results of the lesson: - students enrich their vocabulary and can discuss and express their opinions;
- students get the habits of critical thinking;
- students get the communicative habits in English.

The visual aids: interactive board, video film, cards, markers posters, pictures, box of questions
The type of the lesson: new lesson
Inter-subject connection: History, Literature, Geography
Methods: Individual and group work, question- answer, association, box of questions
The procedure of the lesson

States Teacher’s activities Pupil’s activities
Organization moment: Greeting:
- Good morning , students! I’m very glad to see you!
- Thank you ! And how are you?
- Very nice! Now let’s start our lesson with our motto

-Sit down, please
-Good morning , teacher! We are glad to see you too!
-We are fine!
-Friendly students we are all
“One for all, and all for one”
Brainy students we are all
“ In knowledge we trust”
Healthy students we are all
“ All we need in the life good health, a bit of luck and sence of humour”
Checking up the homework: Warm-up:
- At what theme did we work at the previous lesson ?
- Let’s revise your knowledge on this theme by doing some tasks:
a) Match the translations with the English phrases
b) “ Box of questions” Answer the questions

c) –Turn your papers and you’ll see the names of your teams. Read the names and make 3 groups: “ Childhood”, “ Family” “Power ”
- UNDP in Kazakhstan

Students match the translations with the English phrases7
Students one by one draw the questions from the box and ask questions the class
The main part: Brainstorming: Find the Fib:

1.England, Germany, Scotland
2.Big Ben, The Tower of London, The Statue of Liberty
3. New York, Cardiff, Belfast
4. The UK, The USA, Great Britain
5. Nauryz, Christmas, St Valentine’s Day
6. Robert Burns, W. Shakespear, A. Pushkin
7. N. Nazarbaev, V. Putin, Elizabeth II
- What is she?
- What does it mean? If the country is ruled by the King or a Queen it means that this country is …… .
Presentation of the new theme:
-Now, students, what will our lesson be about?
- Right you are ! We’ll speak about the Queen Elizabeth II and do many different interesting tasks. I hope that our work will be very interesting and useful for you. Open your copy-books and write down the theme of our lesson:
“Her Majesty the Queen ”
- We are going to read , to speak and to watch the video about the Queen Elizabeth II . How much do you already know about her? Is there anything you would like to know? Let’s fill in the chart below. You shouldn’t look for the information in the text.

Vocabulary work:
Pair work-Group work
- First , let’s introduce with the new vocabulary. Open your books p. 132 Ex. 11, 12. Read the definitions of the words of ex. 11 and the word “ heir presumptive” from the text of ex. 12 and give their Kazakh and Russian equivalents.

a) Watching the video about the Queen.
b) Group work: students in groups work with the texts, pictures and make posters.
1st group: Early life
2nd group: Marriage and family
3rd group: The Queen and the Parliament
Students find the fib and explain their answers
1. Germany
2 The Statue of Liberty

3. New York
4. The USA,
5. Nauryz
6. A. Pushkin
7. Elizabeth II
-She is the queen of the UK.

-a monarchy

-about the UK
- about the Queen

Things I know Things I’d like to know Tings I’ve known

1.Majesty- мәртебе-величество
2.sovereign-монарх- монарх
3.Chapel- кішкене шіркеу-часовня
4.Succeed- мұрагер болу-наследовать
5.Regime- режім- режим
6.Throne- тақ- трон
7. Duke- герцог--герцог

Students in groups work with the texts, pictures. They read the texts, discuss and and do projects according their themes.

Conclusion: What have you known?
Comprehension check:
Below a table showing important events in Queen’s career. Complete the chart with the information from the text.

1. June 10, 1921 7. 1944
2. April 21,1926 8. November 20, 1947
3. 1930 9. 1948
4. 1934 10. 1949
5. 1936 11. 1952
6. 1940 12. 1953

Homework: To write a topic about the Queen.
Giving marks: “Draw your face” Students draw their faces and explain it
The end of the lesson;
- Our lesson is over. Thank you for your good work. All of you get good and excellent marks today.
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