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Kazakhstan is My Motherland. -

Kazakhstan is My Motherland.

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Кадралиева Фариза Сакипкалиевна

Theme of the lesson: “Kazakhstan is My Motherland.”
Aims of the Lesson:a) Educational: To generalize knowledge of the pupils of Kazakhstan and
teach students to know and speak more about Kazakhstan in
b) Developing: To develop the student’s abilities in oral speech and reading.
To enlarge listening, understanding and writing skills. To
develop the student’s imagination and interest in writing
research works;
c) Up-bringing: To interest students to learn English. To teach to love our
Motherland and respect all the nations;

Visual aids: Interactive board, student’s book, cards.
The tape of the lesson: Practical.
The type of the lesson: mixed.
The method of the lesson: ask-answer question, explanation method, discussion method.

The procedure of the lesson:
1. Organization moment: T: -Good morning, comrades! How are you? Take your seats, please. Thank you.

2. Checking up the home task: Ex. 7 b), page 82 Learn by heart the new words.

3. New theme:

A. Brainstorming (Teacher shows the map of the Kazakhstan)
-Which country’s map is it? (It is the map of The Republic of Kazakhstan)
-What countries does it border on? (It borders with the Russian Federation, China
and Central Asian Republics of Kirgizstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan)
-What is the capital of Kazakhstan? (The capital of Kazakhstan is Astana)
-Who is the head of the state? (The head of the state is president)
-What large cities of Kazakhstan do you know? (These are Almaty, Karaganda,
-What do you think, what are we going to speak about?
-Today we are going to speak about Kazakhstan; listen to the text and do some tasks.
All of you open your copy-books and write the theme of our lesson- “My Motherland
is Kazakhstan”

B. Phonetic Drill: -As you know each country has its own symbols. Do you know the symbols of the republic of Kazakhstan? (National flag, emblem and anthem)
-Let’s read and translate the information about the symbols of Kazakhstan.

National Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a piece of right-angled cloth of sky-blue colour with a picture of a golden sun with its 32 rays in the center, under them - a soaring steppe eagle. Flagstaff has vertical line with national ornament.The picture of sun, its rays, eagle and ornament are of golden colour.

National Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a picture of a shanyrak on a blue background, from which uyks like sun rays are being radiated in framing of wings of mythical horses. At the bottom of the emblem there is an inscription «Kazakhstan». In colour picture the National Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan are of two colours: golden and blue-and-sky-blue.

The National Anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Sky of golden sun,
Steppe of golden seed,
Legend of courage -
Take a look at my country!
From the antiquity
Our heroic glory emerged,
They did not give up their pride
My Kazakh people are strong!
My country, my country,
As your flower I will be planted,
As your song I will stream, my country!
My native land – Kazakhstan!

The way was opened to the posterity
I have a vast land.
Its unity is proper,
I have an independent country.
It welcomed the time
Like an eternal friend,
Our country is happy,
Such is our country.
Chorus (twice):

C. Work with the new words: T: - We’ll learn some new words look at the blackboard and repeat after me. Write down these words on your copy-books.
Border - граница -шекара
Unitary-унитарный -біртұтас
Government- правление -басқару
Independence- независимый -тәуелсіз
Sovereign- суверенный- егемен
Freedom- свобода -бостандық
Population- население -халқы
Juncture- стык -қиылыс

D. Work with the text: “Kazakhstan is My Motherland”
-Look at the video and listen to the dictator.
-Read and translate the text one by one.
“Kazakhstan is My Motherland”
The Republic of Kazakhstan is located on the juncture of two continent- Europe and Asia. It is the ninth largest country in the world.
Kazakhstan borders the Russian Federation, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Turkmenistan and China. The population of the Republic of Kazakhstan is over 15 million people. The official language is Kazakh and Russian is the language of interethnic communication.Monetary unit- tenge. Today, Kazakhstan is a unitary state with the presidential form of government. The Republic of Kazakhstan gained independence on the 16 December 1991.
The national symbols reflect colours of the blue- sky and gold sun. The central element of the national emblem is shanyrak. There is an ornament, the gold sun and the sovereign eagle on the national flag- the symbols of freedom and independence of the country. About 60 % of the population of the republic live in cities 14 regions. There are 85 in number. The biggest cities of Kazakhstan are Almaty, Astana, Karaganda and Chimkent. A new capital of the independent Kazakhstan named Astana is a 21-st century’s city.

4. Fixing the students’ knowledge.
A) Individual work. Task:Read the sentences and say true or false.
1. Kazakhstan is a sovereign independent state.
2. The population of Kazakhstan is over 15 million people.
3. The Republic celebrates its independence Day on the 25-th of October.
4. The official language is Kazakh.
5. Kazakhstan shares its border with France.
6. Russian is the language of international communication.
7. The head of the state is Prime-Minister.
cool Test.
1. What is the capital of Kazakhstan?
a) Almaty b) Akmola c) Astana
2. Who is the head of the state?
a)President b) Khan c) Prime-Minister
3. What is the Population of Kazakhstan?
a) 10560768 b) 16870000 c) 17560000
4. Where is the Kazakhstan situated?
a)Europe b) Australia c) Central Asia
5. What is the area of Kazakhstan?
a) 1546000sq.km. b)2724900sq. km c)6546000sq. km
6. With what country doesn't Kazakhstan shares its border?
a) China b) Russia c) France
7. When Akmola was renamed Astana?
a) in1997 b) in 1998 c) in 1999
8. What is the official language of Kazakhstan?
a) Russian b) English c) Kazakh
9. What is the language of international communication?
a) English b) Russian c) Kazakh
10. When is the Independence Day?
a) 16 December b) 22 March c) 9 May

5. The conclusion: A) Giving mark.
cool Giving home work: Learn by heart the new words.

-I want to end our lesson with words of our president N.A.Nazarbaev:

“Kazakhstan must be the high educational country where people can use three languages”. They are: Kazakh- the official language, Russian- the language of international communication between nationalities and English the language of successful integration into global economic.
Скачать методички (классные уроки) для учителей по разным предметам: история, литература, физика. Как провести урок с учеником, вам поможет грамотно составленный план урока. Занятия по математике, литературе, физике, информатике, химии, психологии.