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. School №3

Teacher Bissenbina A.N

2014 year

DATE: 10.02 2014
THEME: “My room”
AIMS: -1. To present the new material, the new topical words.
2.To develop reading, speaking, listening, writing skills.
3.To teach pupils to keep their rooms clean and help their parents.
Procedure of the Lesson.
STAGES Teacher’s Activity Students Activity Resources Visual Aids
I. Organization
b)checking up the attendance:
c)warming up: -Good morning, pupils! I’m glad to see you. How are you?
I want you to be in the best mood. Let us tell each other kind words in chain:
-C, you are very beautiful (charming…)

Thank you very much! Sit down, please.
Today a leader of organization moment is A!

- Thank you! A., you are very smart…

-What day is it today?
-What month is it today?
-Who is on duty today?
-Who is absent today?
-Are you ready to begin our lesson?
Other pupils will answer the questions.
-Teacher, we are ready to begin our lesson!


Pupil Pupil


II. Making groups.
At this time I want to make only two groups. I’ll give you some flowers. Take one of them, which you like more. Now divide into groups by the theme of your flowers: . Find your group and join them.

Students will find their groups and work together.

III. Checking- up the home task.
-Thank you very much.
Now, be ready for checking the home task ex:1……p12

Students will check their work and put marks.
Individual Work
IV. The main stage. -Well done!
Boys, girls, let’s look at the picture and guess our new theme
Students will try to guess the new theme. Interactive Board
1. Developing dialogic talk
- Answer my questions:
1) Do you live in a flat or in a house?
2)How many rooms have you got in your flat?
3) Have you got your own room?
4) What is there in your room?
5) Do you like your room?
6) What do you do in your room?
Students will answer the questions.

2. Critical Thinking. brainstorming with graphic organizers
Today we are going to discuss “My dream room.” I’ll give you posters and markers. You’ll paint and discuss about the theme. You have some minutes for discussing. I want you to listen to everybody’s opinion on the theme.
Pupils will work in groups, and then one of them will speak about their decisions.
Working in groups
3. Dancing

We must be healthy, that’s why, we must do exercises every day.
Students will dance

4.Game ”Guess what is it”

Now, boys and girls, we’ll play a game. Take one of the words and try to explain it with gestures.

Students will explain the words with gestures.

5. Doing exercises. Well done! You have worked very well. Now I want you to write ex1p.126
Students will do exercises.

V. Conclusion.

In conclusion remember this proverb:
“East or West, Home is Best”

1. Evaluation

Students will put marks to each other.

2. Home task.

3. Feedback.

Students will write their opinion about the lesson.
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