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. Lesson Plan
Name: Kiorv.A.E
Theme: Professions
Level: 2 B
Lesson aims:
1. To develop speaking skills and listening abilities;
2. To introduce the structure;
3. To discuss about profesions
Lesson type: presenting new Grammar structures
Visual aids: active board, computer, cards,puzzle
Stage Procedure Interaction

Organization moment

Set the questions:
Teacher: Good afternoon, boys and girls!
Pupils: Good afternoon, good afternoon,
Good afternoon to you!
Good afternoon, good afternoon,
We are glad to see you!
Teacher: I’m glad to see you, too!
Sit down please!
Teacher: How are you today?
Pupils: I’m (well, Ok, so-so) and you?
Teacher: Normally, What is new?
Teacher: Of course, I have good news – we will learn an interesting lesson today. Ok let’s begin our lesson!


Warm-up activity My dears stand up !Make a circle
Let’s speak about “I want to be…”

Phonetic drill “I am a pupil”
I am a pupil,
He is a pupil,
She is a pupil,too
I am not a doctor,
I am a pupil
And I like you.


Brainstorming Teacher: Boys and girls look at the pictures, and tell me, What will we talk about today?
Pupils: Doctor, dancer,singer,acter…
Of course, today we will talk about

To work with new vocabulary Farmer ['fɑ:mə] фермер
Lawyer['lɔ:jə] Құқық қорғаушы
Dentist ['dentıst] тіс дәрігері
Businessman ['bɪznəsmən] бизнесмен
Musician [mju:'zıʃən] Музыкант Teacher→Students

Speech drill Oh, Clap Your Hands, Clap Your Hands
Turn the lights on my nights this is life
And we only get once chance
Oh, Clap Your Hands, Clap Your Hands
Come on dance, take a chance on romance
We only get one shot at love
Oh, Clap Your Hands, Clap Your Hands

I'm trying to fly in the good things
I'm finding this might be a good thing

Very good, sit down. Teacher→Students
Practice activities

Now I’ll give you some cards for you!
Then you should put the letters!
D_ct_r Doctor
Te_ch_r Teacher
P_l_t Pilot
Dr_v_r Driver

Game My dears stand up !Make a circle
I’ll give you ball then you should ask my questions?Do you understand me?
Do you want to be a driver ?
Do you want to be a seller?
Now stand up !Look at the active board then repeat these motion Teacher↔Students

Well done !I’m satisfied all of you! For home task to learn by heart new words and make sentences. Today you are very active pupils! I hope you are understand me !I’ll give you good mark for you because today you are attend for the lesson !Thank you The lesson is over !Good –bye Teacher↔Students
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