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. The grade: 9
The theme of the lesson: The Phrasal verbs.
The aims of the lesson:
 to develop the pupils`pronunciation in English
 to revise the grammar `The Phrasal verb`
 to create an interest in studying the English language.
Visual aids: an interactive board, the English book by Ayapova T, etc. for the 9-th form.
Procedure of the lesson.
I. Warm up.
- greeting students;
- speaking about the weather, asking the date, day, etc.
II. Checking up the homework.
- Let`s begin our lesson with your home task. I`ll check your knowledge got at the last lesson giving you some tasks. These tasks were written on these papers. Take, please, everyone. Listen to me. First of all, answer my question. You have read the texts about British school and American school. Do you remember? The sentences given on the papers are about them. You must put these sentences in two columns. Then you`ll change your papers with others and put the marks. Is it clear? I`ll give you two minutes.

Traditional British school Alternative American school

The given sentences:
1. The school in the city.
2. There were only sixty pupils.
3. There weren`t many facilities.
4. There are good science laboratories and lots of computers.
5. We had lessons on Saturday mornings.
6. Discipline was strict.
7. The school was democratic.
8. There we even chose the teachers.
9. It was in a lovely old house in a forest.
10. We wear a uniform.
- If you finished, change your papers each others. Look at the blackboard and ckeck up please. How many right answers? You can mark.
- If 8-10 answers are right, mark as `excellent` or `5`
- If 5-7 answers are right, mark as `good` or `4`
- If 3-4 answers are right, mark `satisfactory` or `3`
III. Presentation of the new theme. The phrasal verbs.

Phrasal verbs
• A phrasal verb is a verb + preposition or adverb.
Example: come in, go round, take off, put on, look after, etc.
* Some phrasal verbs are easy to understand.
The woman in front turned round and looked at me.
• But many phrasal verbs are idiomatic.
• The verb + adverb has a special meaning.
Example: Why did you turn down such a good offer? (refuse)

IV. Vocabulary work.
turn– бұрылу, айналу
turn away – бұрылып кету
turn back – қайтару
turn down – қабылдамау, қайтару
turn on – қосу, босату
turn off – жабу
turn round – бұрылу, көзқарасын өзгерту
turn against – қарсы тұру

V. Practice. Grammar exercises. Ex.9. There are some phrasal verbs in both texts. Find and underline them.

Phrasal verbs
Fall behind,
put on,
go out,
catch up,
go on,
take up.

VI. Discussion. Ex.10. Match the phrasal verbs to their definitions connected with the meanings in the texts.
1. catch up with a) to have a good relationship
2. fall behind b) to begin to do something as a pastime
3. get on with c) to work hard to do uncompleted work
4. look up d) to search for a piece of information
5. go on e) to fail to keep level with another
6. take up f) to continue

1 - e 2 - c 3 - a 4 - d 5 - f 6 – b

VII. Talking. Let`s speak about our gymnasium!
Why do you prefer this school?
What are the advantages of gymnasium?
What are the disadvantages?
What can you say about subjects?
What can you say about the decoration of classrooms?

VIII. Conclusion.
Grammar test
1. "Кіру" мағынасына сәйкес фразалық етістік:
A) Get out.
cool Get wіth.
C) Get off.
D) Get up.
E) Get іn.
2. Фразалық етістігі бар сөйлем:
A) The mountaіns are very hіgh.
cool The pupіls don’t go to school on Sundays.
C) He couldn’t go through the crowd.
D) Look! Leaves are fallіng.
E) They looked through the magazіne.
3. "Қарап шығу" мағынасына сәйкес фразалық етістік:
A) Look quіckly.
cool Look through.
C) Look over.
D) Look іn.
E) Look at.
4. “Тастап кету, бас тарту” мағынасы бар тіркес етістікті таңдаңыз:
A) To give back
cool To give up
C) To give out
D) To give in
E) To give away
5. “Тұру, орнынан тұру” мағынасы бар тіркес етістікті таңдаңыз:
A) To get up
cool To get over
C) To get off
D) To get on together
E) To get together

IX. Homework.
* Ex 11 at p-103.
* To make a grammar test connecting with the phrasal verbs
X. Marks
Скачать методички (классные уроки) для учителей по разным предметам: история, литература, физика. Как провести урок с учеником, вам поможет грамотно составленный план урока. Занятия по математике, литературе, физике, информатике, химии, психологии.