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Halloween. -


Сабақ жоспары | Документы | Тәрбие сағаты Загрузок: 0 | Просмотров: 1850 | Размер: | Автор: Тәрбие
. Сабақтың тақырыбы: Halloween
Cабақтың мақсаты:
Білімділік: Оқушылардың лексикалық қорын көбейту.
Тәрбиелік: Aғылшын тіліне деген қызығушылығын арттыру, басқа ұлттың мәдениетін құрметтеуге баулу.
Дамытушылық: Оқушылардың ой-өрісін дамыту.
Сабақтың түрі: сайыс - сабақ
Көрнекілігі: суреттер
Сабақтың барысы:

1.Ұйымдастыру кезеңі:
T: Good morning, dear guests! I’m glad to see you in our today’s party which is devoted to the popular holiday «Halloween». Welcome to our Halloween Party! Halloween is one of the best holidays for children. People celebrate Halloween on the 31st of October. Halloween colours are orange and black. During the early years of the Christian era people celebrated Halloween with games, bonfires, parties. Today, of course, Halloween has degenerated into a candy-collecting orgy by costumed youngsters who travel from house to house crying out «Trick or Treat!» Now , I want to introduce you the plan of our competition.
1. Introducing. 2. Halloween’s song. 3.The competition “Making mummy.” 4. The competition “Prepositions” . 5. The competition “Collecting skeleton.” 6.The competition “Help to the witch”. 7. Halloween’s dance. 8. Sending SMS with Halloween’s wishes . 9. Halloween’s parade.
Now , we begin our competition. I want to invite here our two teams . The first team is called “Demons” , and the second is called “The Kingdom of Night”. The members of the team “Demons” must introduce themselves. Now , the members of the team “The Kingdom of Night” must introduce themselves.
The next competition is “Halloween’s song.” The members of the team “Demons” must to sing song . Now , the members of the team “The Kingdom of Night” must to sing song .
The next competition is “Making mummy.” Mummy costumes have been fun for all . You must make it from toilet paper . Toilet paper mummy costumes are classically inexpensive and fun to create.
Now the competition “Prepositions” .
The next competition is “Collecting skeleton . Do you know how many bones are there in the human skeleton? About 200 . In this competition you must collect bones in right order .
Now , some words about witches. They are magic women. Some witches are young but most of them are old and ugly. It was believed they held big meetings every season. One meeting came on October 31. Halloween became the witches night. They had a wonderful time there. They danced in a ring, two together, back to back and wished people bad luck. They flew to their
«Halloween, Halloween magic night.
We are glad and very bright.
We all dance and sing and recite
Welcome! Welcome! Halloween night!» The next competition is Halloween’s dance.

We wish you happy Halloween !
We wish you happy Halloween !
We wish you happy Halloween !
And happy Halloween we wish! The next competition is sending SMS with Halloween’s wishes .

Now , let’s guess the puzzles.
1.It flight at night because it doesn't like light. ( A Bat)
2. She has got a black cat and a big pointed hat. Who is she? ( A Witch)
3. Who can walk through the walls? (A Goblin)
The next competition is “Halloween’s parade.”

Now , what team is winner ? We will tell you the results and announce the winners! Our party is over. Thank you very much for coming and participation in our party! We hope you had a good time ! Nice to meet you again! Good bye!
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