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My school day in England -

My school day in England

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The theme My school day in England
Aims Learning to talk about the school day in England.To develop students critical thinking,their abilities to work in groups,self assessment.
Parts of the lesson
Teacher’s action of management
Cognitive action of students
Visual aids,
m 7 minute I part
1.organization moment:Greet-ing with the
2.Dividing the
class into
1.Good morning!
How are you?
2.Divides students. Morning!We are

Groups 1,2 and 3.
Presentation of the lesson 5 minute II part
A child’s
Communication -Explain the
Meaning of rhyme.
-Answer the questions Explain and school day in England.
Use the method
“hot chair” Rhyme
Main part 13 minute III part
Vocabulary and
Pronunciation. Explane the
Check your memory. Practice and match
the words.
Listern and learn. English book.
2 m Physical minute
10 minute IV part
Interview Read the sentences to know how to understand and use the words below.
Answer the questions using the new words. Learn words.
Intervew classmates and tell the class Paper and pen.
Conclusion 5 min. V part
Read the text. Explain the method Work in groups.Report your conclusion Poster,markers.
Evaluation 1 minute VI part
Evaluating by criteria of
assessment Puts summative
Assessment. -Give each other smiles and say their opinions.
-The leader student evaluates the group.
Home/a 1 minut VII part
Dialogue and
text words Explains homework Write on a diary diary
Reflection of l 1 minute sandwhich I like……………
I dislike………..
During a lesson….
Method of the lesson……………
Скачать методички (классные уроки) для учителей по разным предметам: история, литература, физика. Как провести урок с учеником, вам поможет грамотно составленный план урока. Занятия по математике, литературе, физике, информатике, химии, психологии.